May 24, 2010


i spent my Sunday morning at the farmer's market. oh how i love the smell and feel of it. i invited my mom to come along with me. we both brought our own bags and went to town. i can't tell you how amazing it felt to teach her about all the different foods. and how to find the best bargain. she even fell in love with some sugar snap peas that i just HAD to swoop up for her. we also located a vendor that sells cheese curds. mom was pretty much jumping up and down with joy. being there gave me amazing idea... each sunday i will pick up my weekly produce but also something for dinner that evening. i will take lots of pics and post my very own how-to. i'm excited. and since this Sunday has already come and gone, i'll make it up and pretend that Monday night is Sunday night. wish me luck <3



  1. SO excited for this. Love you. <3

  2. Cute blog! Can't wait to read more...welcome to the blogging world!