July 26, 2010

Monday's Magic Moments

Most people that I know hate Mondays. I can honestly say this is not the case for me. I love Mondays. I love the way it feels. Like a fresh start. So I have taken the time to post a few links to a few things that have totally made my Monday.

 THIS BOOK. I CAN'T PUT IT DOWN. I keep sneaking into the break room to read a few more pages...

* I want THIS so bad....or someone please teach me how to make one!!

* I need THIS for the winter. It's so Blair I can't stand it <3

* I have fallen in love with THIS skin. I need it. But they don't make it in my size...

* THIS is what I want to do for New Years, I hope I hope.

* I am making THIS for dinner tonight, and a blog shall follow!

* & THIS reminds me of growing up in Germany. Gimme.


  1. You're so cute with your little linkies! We can totally make those bow headbands for winter DET.

    How much is the aquarium for New Year's again?! I wanna go!


  2. I wish we had a "real" winter in Hawaii, I would definitely be rocking that headscarf... Though I might do it anyway, it's so cute!

  3. Your blog is adorable!!! And so are you of course <3

  4. awe are you going to make a little bark vase with "s + c"?

  5. i love the new years at the aquarium! & that birch shop has so much cool shit! also, cuckoo clocks melt my heart! did you grow up in germany?!