August 9, 2010

the start of something new

Today is my first day back to work after vacation.I decided to dress up a little to cheer myself up. Usually I roll out of bed o Mondays, and I kind of did today too but I spent a LITTLE more time thinking about what I should wear...

I work in an office. Like most of you out there. Unless you're lucky enough to have fled the office lifestyle.  So I try to keep it a little professional, while still maintaing a style of my own. My father has threatened to lock me down in a uniform, but I promise you, that will never happen.

Have a great Monday guys <3

Outfit details:

White Tee- Forever 21. I own at LEAST 5 of these.
Skirt- Lace. Thrifted from the SPCA Thrift Store (Downtown)
Belt- Forever 21
Heels- BCBG. Classic for the work place.


  1. you look so beautiful! I love our twin office outfit posts:) xo

  2. Love this outfit bbylove! Rawr.

  3. hey pretty office girl, wish i could learn to do my hair like that!

  4. Look at your booty! That skirt was a good find..