September 3, 2010

i love lists

Tonight I made plans to NOT make plans. I usually work on Friday nights. So this is a rare treat. Yes, I have to work the entire weekend. But I have tonight!! So I made a list, and I am checking it twice. I have 19 things to do. Including blogging about those 19 things to do. Ha. Wish me luck!!

Here are a few things I will be working on tonight. Just wanted to share...

-Clean my room
-Write Heather
-Cut out articles for my cookbook project
-Read 4 chapters of my new book, Men and Dogs
-Watch the Apple Keynote
-Blog a little
-Get together a list of supplies for my art journal class and read the blog
-Plan my next week in iCal
-Makeup Tutorial post

Love you guys!

-Shawni Marie

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