September 20, 2010

Monday's Magic Moments

I love Mondays. I know, this makes me a freak. I have posted this before though, so you guys should be used to my craziness by now. Mondays are a fresh start. It's fantastic! I had a really rough week last week. But after sharing with others, I realized my bad week couldn't even compare to others. So I put my bad attitude away, and focused all of my energy this weekend to letting go. I hope everyone has an amazing week. Nothing would make me happier than to hear about it, so please, share!

Due to my great mood and fresh attitude I am BACK with an outfit post. I have been neglecting my closet lately, but not anymore. I forgot how many pretty things were hiding away in there! This outfit post contains my favorite Stitch Swap find.

Tell me about YOUR day...

Happy Monday!!

Love Love,
Shawni Marie


  1. You are too cute!! Love the outfit!
    && Cheers to a great week.
    Last week was the pits!

  2. You are TOO cute! I love your outfit SO much! & your pearl earrings just totally inspired me! I have 3 holes & they look SO good like that! I wish I could pull off rompers, my body is too long & I don't want...well, let's not say the CT word here. haha! I kind like Monday's too! Let's share the happy day! =)

  3. Did you find the belt there? LOVE!

  4. I WANT THAT BELT. Seriously, can I borrow it sometime? Love the little yellow cardi too! Adorable.

  5. You're so beautiful Shawni! Love your style!

  6. You are so pretty!!! Love the ENTIRE outfit!!! Esp the shoes! I am a shoe lover! What do your tattoos on your arm day? I like the font used.

    So glad to hear your starting your week out positive! I am trying to do the same thing...Let go. Much love, friend! <333

  7. Can I be you when you grow up!? You're so cute!