September 19, 2010

sweet sunday morning

Sunday mornings are saved for art journaling and crafting. I would love to say that I journal and craft every day, but I don't really have much free time. I decided to wake up as early as I could this morning and spend some time funneling all of my thoughts onto paper. I put on Chelsea's new playlist and went to town. I am a happy girl this morning. My head is full of inspiration and energy. My heart is soaring.

Here are a few quick snaps of some of my newest pages. I am admittedly still learning and not by ANY means the best at art journaling... but I am trying. And it feels good. I encourage you all to take the time and write it down. Let go. And just breathe. This morning I spent more time writing personal notes for the envelopes on the back of my journal pages. It felt really good to journal my feelings out.

Happy Sunday!

Love Love,
Shawni Marie


  1. I am 100% inspired right now, and it is all because of you. You make me want to start a journal! I want to be stretched creatively.

    Lovely blog! I want to be friends!

  2. these look great dear! love the one with the sheet music