October 15, 2010

30 Days. Day One.

My amazing friend Michelle has joined in on Miss Katie's 30 Day Blog Challenge!!
I couldn't resist. I have a lot to catch up on, SO I will be doing two posts a day until I do... shouldn't take me long!!

Day 1: introduce, recent picture, and 15 interesting facts

My name is Shawni Marie and I live in Sacramento, CA. I work two full time jobs. A total of almost 75 hours a week. It drives me a little insane, but I love what I do. I help my parents run our family business (a collision repair facility) and I am a chef at a beautiful restaurant downtown. I love cooking. It is my number one passion. But I love my parents too. So I kind of sacrifice half of my life to do both. It is worth it. I believe that 100 percent. I love Jesus Christ with my whole heart. My relationship with him has been lacking. I pray every day to be a better woman for him. I love crafting in my free time. All of my free time. I have the most amazing set of friends. They encourage me every single day to be a better person. Without them, I wouldn't be the woman I am today. I can eat like nobody's business. I am lucky enough to be half Korean. I grew up in Germany. I love chocolate. And bacon. Together.

One- I like long walks on the beach, but I hate the sand. It gets EVERYWHERE.
Two- My biggest fear... lady bugs. Seriously, they freak me out.
Three- My parents divorced when I was 5. They are best friends. It makes me believe in real love.
Four- I love graveyards. I could spend a whole day in one. or two. or three.
Five- I do not like Will Ferrell. I think he is an idiot.
Six- I can cook, I cannot bake. To save my life.
Seven- My friend Ashley calls me Shu Shu. It sounds like a dog's name, but I love it.
Eight- I wish I was born in Tennessee. I have lived all over the world, and it's my favorite spot.
Nine- I am learning Korean. To speak to my grammy before it's too late.
Ten- Making other people happy is the only thing that makes me happy.
Eleven- I didn't have sushi until I was 26 years old. It's my favorite food.
Twelve- I have loved, lost, and been left. But I believe in love. More than anything.
Thirteen- I wish I were a high school History teacher.
Fourteen- I can't say no to myself. My closet could explode right now.
Fifteen- My winter snack is hot chocolate with Lay's Classic chips to dunk in. Meow.

Shawni Girl


  1. I love it when you say Meow. Making people happy makes me happy too :) AND I didnt have sushi til I was 22! LOVE it! And if we lived together you would cook and I would bake. LOVE to bake! And I laughed out loud that you are fearful of ladybugs... they are so little!!!! lol. xoxoxox <333

  2. i totally enjoyed this, friend! i love getting to know bloggers even more. what a fun challenge!

    i didnt try sushi till later in life either (24 yrs, was it?) and i even lived in japan as a little girl! and yes will ferral - thumbs down. and i love that you believe in LOVE. when it comes it comes and it's amazing! but i think its good when people experience lost too (been there!) cuz then we savor the real love too.

    thanks for sharing, friend!!!

  3. Totally agree with Ilene on this: "but i think its good when people experience lost too (been there!) cuz then we savor the real love too."

    HEART YOU BOTH! <333

  4. "I do not like Will Ferrell. I think he is an idiot."

    LOL I love you. Even though you hate WF<3
    Also, I love that I already knew all of these things. Because we're best friends. Meow.

  5. this is great. I love Jesus too! You seem like someone I'd be friends with.

  6. What fun facts! I love that you are working for your parents' business in addition to doing what you love -- and I can't believe you do that and blog and have time for a life. How do you do it!? My parents owned their own company for most of my life, so I totally get it...

  7. So fun! Lovely picture! This looks like a great series to join! I'll have fun following!


  8. awww i LOVED this post shawni and getting to know you just a little bit better! i LOVE to bake, we could get together and you could cook while i bake, we'd make the perfect meal! i just went to tennessee for the first time the other week and it was lots of fun!!

    and you know what? i do not like ladybugs either... when i was in my dorm room in college, i had a cup of hot cocoa mix with a napkin over it (don't ask me why). apparently i left it sitting there for a few days and then one day i wanted to drink it, well i poured hot water in it and started to drink it and the first thing that went into my mouth was a LADYBUG, gross!!! i don't like them, ick!!

    can't wait to read the rest of your posts! xo

  9. @Sandy - I am pretty sure Shawni read your comment and probably threw up. One time a lady bug merely FLEW near her when she and I were on a walk and she dropped her purse and wench screeching/running full speed ahead. I don't even want to know what would happen if a lady bug ended up in her mouth lol.

  10. 1. I love that you love Jesus.
    2. I fear lizards and most people find that strange. I totally understand.
    3. Will Ferrell IS an idiot. no question!
    4. I heart your blog!!!


  11. You are too cute!!! Looking forward to following!! :)

  12. I don't like lady bugs too! I have never found anyone else who disliked them as well!

  13. I loved this list! Good luck with learning Korean, I think that's awesome! I just tried sushi for the first time last Wednesday! haha.

  14. this is my favorite blog so far, i love learning about the people behind the blogs <3 keep up the amazingness!