October 25, 2010

what i did this weekend....

This weekend was crazy. It seriously FLEW by. I should have been in L.A. but life has a way of dealing you new cards... so i made the best of it. Here's what I did...

I spent the night at Liz's and we played with my blog. I actually decided on a new name for my Etsy shoppe. My original thought was to keep the shop under the same name, but to be hoenst, I wanted a little something else. Just because. Just for fun. So I came up with " a bit of lace ". Liz set out to design my blog banner/button and together I think we came up with something pretty special ♥ We also sipped on three bottles of wine and watched When In Rome. I passed out with Walter. He kind of loves the shit out of me...

The next morning we went in for our manicures. It had been three weeks and we both look busted ♥
I think this is my favorite manicure choice so far...
Saturday night I dressed up and went out to a surprise birthday dinner for Andy's friend Cracker. It was a blast and the party favors were home made specially bottled beers with the date and location. SUPER cute idea. I was totally nervous to meet everyone, but I think it worked out pretty well ♥

Sunday morning was spent in bed mostly. Yes, i am lazy, and I am not ashamed. Sunday night I went into Tuli and cooked. I love that I have my restaurant as an escape.

Love love LOVE,
Shawni Marie

p.s. what did YOU do this weekend??
p.s.s. Cal and I are working on this very special project... EEK. It's making me so excited!


  1. Favorite line: "he kind of loves the shit out of me" haha! You're too cute! I'm too excited!

  2. hey lady! love what y'all did with the blog!
    its looks amazing!
    and i am super excited about y'alls project!
    was the movie good or not?


  3. I LOVE your new blog look!!!
    It is so beautiful!!!
    P.S. I just adore your manicure!!!! and is that a mustard colored cardigan I see you wearing??
    love, love, love, you

  4. makes me want to go get a manicure. i haven't been for a while either. love the color choice. would've never thought of that. :)

  5. LOVE THE HEADER!!! So glad you made the best of your weekend! <333

  6. I love the new look! It sounds like you had a great weekend. Nothing's better than some wine, a chick flick, and a good friend :)

  7. love the new look of the blog, friend. and did i miss your shop...? did you open it up yet, friend? i do love the new name - so cute!

    and your manicure is so fun!!

    glad that you had an enjoyable weekend, friend.

  8. Thank you for being my bbylove best friend baby sitter ;) Come back soon Walter and I miss you <3

  9. I heart lace! Can't wait to see your shop :)

  10. Man, I wanna hang out with you and Liz! hehe. Sounds like you had a great weekend! Your blog looks amazing and I love the name for your shop! I am SO so excited for you to open your shop, ahh!! I love spending lazy days just laying in bed. It's the best!

  11. love the funky nails and that movie was so great! ♥