November 29, 2010

airstream song...

Hello lovers. Happy Monday. It sure doesn't feel like Monday, does it? I hope you all had an amazing weekend with you families. Tell me what you did! I would love to hear.

I can't remember if I ever posted this outfit post. It's from a few weeks ago. So if I already did, please excuse my crazy scattered brain. I feel lately as if I am losing it.
I am working on a LOT of projects, including a HUGE giveaway post (coming Friday). I asked my beautiful friend Iris to guest post and help my kick off the holiday season. 

Also, sponsor spots will be up on Decemeber 1st. I can't wait to show off all my lovely new friends to you guys!

ALSO, you should head over to my beautiful friend Ilene's blog! She is hosting a giveaway from me! I have fallen in love with her blog, and I am sure you will/have too!! Click HERE <3

Shawni Marie


  1. You're so beautiful. I love this outfit for sure! cutipie.

  2. Pretty girl! I hope your Thanksgiving was all that & a bag of chips!

  3. You look FABULOUS! Where did you get those tights?!

  4. Oh Shawni, you look absolutely great!