November 3, 2010

As the weather changes. so does my mood. I was meant to be a Fall/Winter gal. I think to live in North Dakota would be amazing. But I live here, in California, and it's most people's dream come to live here. So today I wanted to share some things that make my home amazing....

Caution: Many photos below.

Half Moon Bay:
A beauty beyond words. Half Moon Bay is where the Pacific Oceans meet farmlands. Nestled along the coastal Highway 1. I have had the chance to visit here several times and each was more enjoyable than the last. There's a great little pub, that i can't recall the name of... but great times have been had there. You can just tell.

San Francisco:
Oh the city that owns my heart and destroys it all at once. I had the opportunity to move to San Fran once, and I wonder all the time if I made the wrong choice. The city is amazing. Full of beautiful shops and amazing restaurants. As a chef, it's a small dream of mine to eat at each one. I get chills just thinking of it.

San Diego:
The beach. California is full of them, but there is something so beautiful and so Southern California about the beaches in San Diego. It's an ocean paradise. I love the sort of places that have tiny restaurants set up against the sand. My favorite chips and salsa can be found here. And oh the taco stands, yum yum.

Angel's Camp:
A personal favorite of wine. Wine country. Meow. I love wine. More than I love water. I belong to too many wine clubs, it's almost embarrassing. My family and I travel here every Thanksgiving. We stay in our time share and cook turkey and everything else out of that kitchen. I have such beautiful memories there. I have taken some of the most important people with me on trips to Angel's Camp, and hope to add more to the list.

Napa Wine Valley:
Need I say more? In California, we are so so lucky to be blessed with many amazing vineyards. Napa Valley is one of the most respected and celebrated in the World. Open air farmers markets and beautiful restaurants help make this little town an unforgettable vacation spot.

Disneyland & Hollywood. What more can I even say? I love L.A. I could never live there, but I love L.A. So many amazing spots to eat and the nightlife is out of control. The girls and I took a trip there two years ago and had a blast. We tore the city to pieces. "I'm in L.A. trick"

Yosemite National Park is one of the most beautiful places in the U.S. Over 3 million people a year flock to check out the beautiful scenery. The park is over 760,000 acres and houses over 7,000 plant species. I don't know about you, but this gets me overly excited! Hiking is a must. But don't forget to visit the natural springs.

My own little slice of heaven. A very special place that is near and dear to my heart. Truckee is a sleepy little town set around the famous Donner Lake. You remember the Donner party, right? I love to visit Truckee by myself. The lake has these amazing little private docks and I could spend the whole day out there with my journal and my Bible. Downtown Truckee is so cute. Tiny little diners and a haunted hotel. Next to a little old jail that once housed "Baby face" Nelson and "Ma" Spinelli . So cool.

Santa Cruz:
Such a small city, but who doesn't dream of the famous boardwalk? I have been lucky enough to ride the famous roller coaster 3 times, and each time I had butterflies. I have to admit that I am strongly afraid of heights, but with a little love someone talked me into it. I don't regret it. From the pier you can see dolphins jumping in the ocean. In the mornings the surfers gather to catch the ocean waves. I Heart Sushi is the best and the owner will give you free Sake if you're polite.

Home sweet home. I can't tell you how amazing I think my little city is. No really, it's getting better. We have the Rivercats, the Kings, and now the Mountain Lions. Downtown houses Second Saturday and the most amazing farmers markets. I am proud to call it home. The newly redone Crocker Art Museum is said to blow your socks off and loft living gives downtown a little edge.

Tell me about YOUR state! I am a lover of a lovely United States, and would love to more about yours <3 Oh and come join me on an adventure someday. I would be honored. We can paint the town.


Shawni Marie


  1. You would LOVE my little city. When I get my own place you'll HAVE to visit love. =) I love California!

  2. Beautiful post sweetie!!!!!!
    i love all the lovely photos and the little write ups!!!! There is so much beauty in the world, thank you for re showing us!!!! :)
    Love you,

  3. Been to LA...but I want to go to allll these places....with YOU! <3

  4. Being from Northern Cal, I find LA a bit too much as well. Fun to visit but I could never live there. San Francisco will forever hold my heart and Half Moon Bay and Sac will be cities filled with childhood memories.

  5. california is so, so, so, so, so beautiful! it really is my favorite place, and although i love snow, i would absolutely give that up to be able to live in cali. and we shoudl definitely be friends because san fran is my FAVORITE place on the planet! i also think the central coast of ca is gorgeous, and i can't wait to go back to carmel!

  6. i couldn't agree more -- california is pretty fan-flippin-tastic!! :]

  7. I love how this post shows just how long we've been best friends--I am all over it :)
    ps; how DARE You put the picture up of me creeping outside the photobooth ahahahaha

  8. Ah, I want to go to California SO badly! I will... ha. And we will have SO much fun together!! Or you can come to Ontario... ;) We can play in the snow! I really want to visit each and every one of these places, they all sound so lovely.

  9. I am looking to move to either Sacramento or San diego. Visting for the first time in Feburary I can't wait.

  10. Hi Shawni,
    I have found your blog through a fellow blogger. I admire your honest posts.
    All the places you mentioned in this particular post are very close to my heart as well.

    But I noticed that there is something about San Francisco you regret. Was it a possible job opportunity? To venture a new town? A boy? Getaway?

    If it's too personal, you don't have to answer. I have been going around and asking questions, whether it be small or indepth. I hope you have a great day. You seem like a beautiful person inside and out.


  11. Please delete my Anonymous post above and this as well.
    To be honest, I am a bit upset, more shocked that I had no response from you.

    I expect my post above and this to be deleted by end of this week. If you have any respect at all. I am not trying to make you feel bad, I no longer see a point in trying to connect and stay involved.

    Please understand that this will be my last request to delete my posts. Or I can ask you in person. I'd rather do this Anonymously.

    I sincerely mean it - Good luck to you.