November 16, 2010

Tumblr Tuesday

I used to have a Tumblr. I have mostly forgotten about it. Until today. I was filling out some questions for an interview with a blog sponsor and it somehow came up. I miss my Tumblr. Before I worried about drafting out posts and attaching photos. Before I worried about comments or how many followers I had. I used to just write. All of it. All my feelings, and all of my dreams.

I want to get back to this a little bit. I want to look back on my blog posts and know exactly how I was feeling that day. And so Tumblr Tuesday is born.

Each post has a song title. I blog to that song on repeat. Music is such a huge part of my life and I find that it inspires me more than anything else.

"you be the anchor that keeps my feet on the ground, ill be the wings that keep your heart in the clouds"

I have blogged to this song before. It's funny to hear it again. I haven't listened to it since April 16th. Aren't dates amazing? Especially when you keep track of them?

I am scared a lot lately. In the best sort of way. i am not really sure where life is taking me, but I feel excited for it. For the challenges that it will bring. I feel lucky to have the opportunities that I have in front of me at the moment. I like to complain about them, but really, I feel lucky. So lucky. Luckier than I could really say out loud, That being said, I think that I am trying to do TOO much. I need to slow life down a little. Something has to go, and I already know what that is. Of course, I am scared, but I need more TIME in my life. I need a better schedule and I need to refocus my life. I feel tired all the time. And I am far too young for that. The problem is, I want to do everything. But I am slowly learning that I am not superwoman.

There are three things that I want before anything else...
-20 sales
-a closer relationship with God

I fall asleep thanking God for His blessings, but I can't remember the last time I cracked open my Bible.

Shawni Marie


  1. One thing I love about God is that there are SO many ways to celebrate Him. Could mean reading the Bible to some, not so much to others. I feel spirituality is much more important than the fundamentals of organized religion. Don't feel down that you haven't opened your Bible in a while! Maybe sing Him a song instead since you like music so much (:

  2. girl, i can totally relate! there are always so many things i want to pursue - then the tiredness kicks in and i'm forced to rethink priorities!

    its not a fun lesson to relearn but its so great that you are going through this to strengthen your relationship with God. i hope you get the chance to be alone and spend more time with our God. :)

  3. Oh! I am excited for these Tumblr Tuesdays. Again, sweet bbf, we are so much a like. Music means SO much to me. For every mood, for inspiration, for everything there is a song and memories. Give your worries to God. I would say spend time with him in a study book to strengthen your faith with him, but I know you are so busy. Pray whenever you get the chance. He is always with you! LOVE YOU! <333

  4. love, love this post! and by the would sooo get used to the weather. I aclamated rather quickly, and you get to wear some really cute scarves, gloves and hats. ;)

  5. Those are all nice things to want to have!

    Just came across your blog!


  6. I love that photo!!!! Yay for Tumblr Tuesday!! ...on Wednesday!!! :)
    I hope you get some good sleep soon!! I know how it feels not to get a good nights rest! Ugh!
    Don't worry about your etsy shoppe!!!! It takes a little bit but I know that one day soon you will be having your 300th sale!!! You are so talented and such a beautiful person you are really going to make it in life!!!!
    I hope you are having an amazing day today love!!
    I will have to email you soon!!! :)
    love love love love love you,