December 17, 2010

the bitter end...

This week has been crazy. and it's not even close to over for me. But I have to be honest, I am looking forward to a few very special things, and I just wanted to share. I can't keep secrets. It's just too hard!

Yes, I have to work up early and work for a few hours, but after, I get to hop in the car with Liz, Ashley, Iris, and Katie and hit the city to see some of our DEAREST friends and browse crafts! I can't WAIT to see Chelsea and Vivs

A bottle of Bailey's and wrapping my presents ALL NIGHT tonight!!

Creating some new jewelry pieces from the supplies I just received in the mail! I am really excited about making some pretty things to wear around my neck and to share with others.

I want to FINISH a book this weekend! I have been missing my books, and I have been neglecting them. i am not sure where I will squeeze in the time this weekend, but I must. Reading puts me into a different place in the world, and I miss it.

What are YOU doing this weekend!? Please share!!
Shawni Marie


  1. I love the photos! I wish I lived in SF so that I could attend the fair and show my support! :)

  2. Oh my goodness, I wish I could go to Renegade! :( :( Have fun!! :)
    And have fun with your Baileys & wrapping!
    xo, Jamie

  3. i'm with you! i totally want to sit and read. haven't done that in FOREVER.

    the weekend consists of christmas activities (musicals, parties, etc) and then trying to get some orders out. lots of good time with the family, too.

    love you, girl. have so much fun at renegade!! i've been to one in chi-town. its so fun!

  4. I'm trying to finish a book or two, too! It feels good to focus on reading books instead of blogs for a bit.

  5. ohh man I blogged about wanting to read more yesterday.. ha ha! there's never enough time!
    have fun this weekend!

  6. I thought for a second you were going to be a vendor at Renegade! How exciting is that?? Crossing my fingers next year for you! <3

  7. I love reading. Finishing a book is one of the most wonderful feelings ever.
    I'm actually going to read most of my work day today. :]

  8. Hi, i just stopped at your blog. Read it the first time. I think you´re cute and i like the stuff you write.
    the about you text says lets be friends and this is what i want to be :) :)
    all the best from germany

  9. ohhh i would LOVE to go to renegade craft fair sometime!! soo lucky you live soo close to it~!!! and i can't WAIT to see your new jewelry items, i know they will be beautiful!!