December 1, 2010

play something county...

It's true.  I am a country girl through and through. I just can't help it. While I love all sorts of music, country just gets me. 

I bought this dress in May. I STILL couldn't figure out how to style it. So I threw it in my overnight bag and tried to figure it all out. I hope it worked out. You tell me. 

The real excitement from today's outfit post comes from the NECKLACE I am wearing. A little gift from a beautiful lady named Marie... I want to buy everything in her shop. You will too. 

Oh and I made this little (well, BIG) bow from some extra scraps. It makes me happy when I have bows in my hair. Silly, I know.

Dress: LC Collection, Kohls
Tights: f21
Necklace: Blue Balloon
Jacket: A& F
Bow: ME ♥

Shawni Marie


  1. lace tights!!! i love love love! you are soo cute!!

  2. i love your lace! and the locket looks perfect! xo

  3. love the dress! i think you styled it well. and im totally digging the necklace. ive been looking her the blue balloons stuff for a while. i might just have to snag something now!

  4. You need to go to the country bar with me! You will absolutely, truly LOVE IT.
    Saturday night perhaps?!

  5. Lace! Sparkles! Glitter! Bows! You're so much fun, my dear. <3

  6. i like the way you style it here. it's girly but with the brown jacket, a bit tough too! :)