December 10, 2010

tuli bistro, my heart

i don't talk about my restaurant much, but i wanted to share a few photos with you. tuli is a very special place, and i feel lucky to work there every single day. take a peek, and then come eat ♥

this is my oven, where i burn my body daily

& this is our panty

fire roasted scallops with baby bok choy and japanese eggplant

sweet potato gnocchi with roasted pork belly and baby red mustard greens

Shawni Marie


  1. oh la la! do you own this restaurant? if so, YOU GO GIRL!

  2. oh my you just made me so hungry! wish i could visit you!!!! id totally eat there if i was close by, friend!!

    enjoy your weekend, sweet shawni!

  3. Wow! Yum...everything looks delish! I hope I can stop by someday and share some sweet potato gnocchi with you, cause that sounds incredible! :) Have a great weekend Shawni!

  4. I am so super fascinated by your job. Thanks for the inside peek!! Looks absolutely amazing.