January 31, 2011

Let's Paint!

Happy Monday Loves!
I hope you all had an amazing weekend.
I had such a relaxing one.
Yesterday Andy and I spent his only day off having a little play date...
We went to Petroglyth in Roseville.
It's a cute little shop when you can paint ceramics!
All you do is decorate, and they fire and glaze for you.
I had such a blast.
Andy is honestly so artistic, 
and I can't remember ever seeing his SO HAPPY.

our table for two ♥

blank canvases ♥

so serious ♥

all done... yayaa ♥

I wish they had Petroglyths in EVERY single town so you all could enjoy the fun too!
Love Love Love!

Shawni Marie


  1. How fun! There was a pottery-painting place across the street from my apartment in D.C. & I LOVED going there with friends.

  2. ah! love the pirate skull, haha. we have a similar place near me called "color me mine"... maybe I can convince PJ that we should go there for a date!

  3. OMG!!! I love painting ceramics!!!! How Fun!!! <3

  4. I LOVE your creations!! We have a few Color Me Mine's around here that I have been itching to go to!! This post makes me want to go now!!! :)
    Have a wonderful day lovely!!

  5. this is so fun! ive done this a couple of times and loved it!!

  6. Thank you ladies <3
    It was such a blast!!!
    Hope you're all having amazing Mondays!!

  7. Oh I love painting ceramics! Thanks for sharing! :)

  8. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Petroglyph! That place is amazing!!

  9. So so so cute! We have those here except they're called "As You Wish". Ryan took me there for our first Valentine's day and we made each other robot-shaped piggy banks. They sit on our bookshelf now, holding hands. I LOVE those dorky little robots :)

  10. Petroglyphs is so much fun! My hubby, and I and a group of friends would go twice a week when we lived in Roseville. I still have tons of bowls and dishes around the house.
    Now in Oklahoma there are smaller paint places but I hav'nt tried them yet.

  11. I adore Petroglyph! I always liked how many ceramic pieces they had to choose from and I always wanted to paint one of the garden gnomes but ended up picking something boring and practical like a bowl haha. I love your pirate pieces though, so fun!

  12. I love love LOVE shops like these! Every time I go to Mont Tremblant in Quebec I always have to stop in and paint something to remember my trip! Last summer I made a vase, but it's mostly just holding knitting needles and random pieces of yarn! Haha. I love it though. I really wanted to paint a cute teapot, but by the time I went it was the second to last day & we were leaving pretty early the next day so there wasn't time for them to put it in the kiln... I had to use one that couldn't get hot/cold. Next time!

    What an awesome idea for a date though! So sweet. I wish we had one nearby! Maybe I can have a little section in my future Holly Knitlightly store for something like this... ;)