January 4, 2011

what i'm loving...

Fairly often enough, I like to share some of my new obsessions with you guys. 
So... here's what I am totally LOVING right now...

Gilly Hicks. A little store owned by the ever so famous Abercrombie brand. Gilly Hicks sells MOSTLY underwear and sleepwear. And I would spend all day in there. I recently purchased 15 pairs of undies, pajama pants, 2 bras, fragrance, lotion, and two camis for $120.00!! 
Everything in the store is 40% OFF! Go shop... seriously.

Broccoli Romanesco. I am OBSESSED. It's like broccoli, but has the texture of cauliflower. This is probably my favorite winter veggie. You can do so much with it. Expect a recipe soon my dears. Pictured below is a Butter Bean & Gorgonzola Gratin.

My Moleskin Monthly Planners. One for each month. I am a huge note taker and list maker. This is perfection. I am pretty sure my best friend Liz used these last year. Super awesome. You should pick one them up TODAY.

Shawni Marie


  1. I dessssperately want those notebooks!

  2. Omg I love this post. I want stuff from Gilly Hicks!

    It's also imperative that I eat some of that broccoli it looks so so good.

    I did use those Moleskines last year but this year I need something a little bigger where I can write more. The month spaces were too tiny for me to write what I needed :(

  3. oh i def want those notebooks!!! how fun :)

  4. That broccoli shit looks amazing!!! Yum! & that store looks just perfect! Also, I LOVE my color a month! Yay for obsession posts!!! =)

  5. Yum, the broccoli dish looks so damned delicious! Share some through the screen, I demand it!

  6. we get a organic box each week and a few weeks back we got broccoli romanesco and i didn't know what it was. it is really awesome looks and i also love the taste too! i hope we get more of it!


  7. lovely "loves." moleskin is absolute perfection of a notebook...

  8. I'm not a big fan of the A&F brand but Gilly Hicks does look gorgeous!

  9. i have never heard of gilly hicks before. you just changed my life for the better! :) thank you!

  10. those notebooks look amazing!

  11. i would LOVE to visit that store!! i need some more comfy undies hehe!!

  12. i've never been into a gilly hicks! i usually buy undies & stuff from aerie (they get me because they wrap your packages up and tie them with a pretty ribbon, haha), but now i need to go!

    and next time i go to the grocery store i'm looking for that broccoli!