February 15, 2011

Gotta Find You (PHOTOS GALORE)

I had the best weekend ever.
Andy worked on Valentine's Day, so he planned a special surprise for me.
He booked a room at the Citizen Hotel.
The place is incredible and it has ALWAYS been a dream of mine to stay there....
I had no idea where we were going until we pulled up and I screamed pure joy...

Later that night, we both got super dressed up and fancy...
Andy made reservations for the Grange restaurant...
It was so yummy.
We ordered tons of food and filled our bellies.
My favorite was the rib eye steak.

The next day Andy ordered Breakfast in Bed and we snuggled until it was time to check out.
We had coffee at Chocolate fish. Seriously, the most amazing coffee EVER.

Afterwards, Andy took me to the Crocker Art Museum where we were both blown away.
We had a yummy lunch, and such a wonderful time...

Thanks for letting me share.
I apologize for so many photos, but I just couldn't;t help myself...
Happy day loves!!
Shawni Girl


  1. Wow! It looks like you had such a lovely Valentine's Day :) If I'm ever in your city I definitely have some sight-seeing to do!

  2. Thanks for sharing these lovely photos! Love your tattoos, love your shoes! And of course u look amazing!

  3. oh my goodness! you look soooooooooo hot girl!!! looks like you had an awesome awesome weekend!!! btw love your new blog header!!!!! :D

  4. Awwww!! It looks like you two had such a fun time!!! I LOVE your outfit and your shoes are so pretty!!!!

  5. You are always so fashionable! I love all of your photos! Your layout is pretty! :)

  6. Looks like you had a lovely time!


  7. Oh my god what an amazing surprise!!! And DUDE, I had no idea you had such badass tattoos...have you ever done a tattoo post?!

  8. what a romantic valentine's surprise! you deserve it!

    p.s. the new layout looks AMAZING! love it!

  9. LOVELY photos! You two are so cute together & you look like you have SO much fun! Sounds like such a wonderful weekend. & those drinks! Yum! That museum looks pretty awesome!

  10. love all the photos! and i'm IN love with those shoes!

  11. Everything about this post is perfect. I love your silly elevator pictures! And you look so beautiful and happy.

    My Spumante<3

  12. I went to the Grange for Valentines Day too! It was soooooo good. Love your blog!

  13. This looks amazing! And that coffee! Be still my heart!