February 9, 2011

Guest Star- Ashley Hasty


First, a big thank you to Shawni for inviting me to do a guest post on her fabulous blog. I’m super honored and so excited to be posting for you!!

I’m Ashley, the girl behind A Hasty Life.

It is super snowy here in the Midwest! Quite a blizzard out there. I think they are estimating 20 inches in my neck of the woods. Which is the most we’ve seen in over 20 years, or something like that.

So what do I do during a winter weather advisory?

I go outside to take snow day fashion photos!

Snow Day

I’m wearing (from head to toe):

Hat: Vera Bradley

Yellow Tank Top: Envy (local store)

Oversized gray wrap: Britches (local store)

Black leggings: Ann Taylor LOFT

Boots: Ugg

Aren’t snow days the BEST?? Except for the 2 minutes I was outside to take those photos, I’ve spent the entire day indoors. I’ve been blogging, working on homework, reading (for class of course, no time for pleasure reading) eating, watching television, taking pictures of the snow accumulation, drinking green tea (which I just discovered I liked…I drink the Lipton mixed berry kind…I also like the Lipton Blueberry White tea…I’m really getting into tea and I don’t even like tea flavor. I could never drink ice tea…gross.)

I’d love to go make a snow man, or go sledding, or go outside and take some better pictures (close ups of the snow and ice) but the snow is falling so hard and it is crystallized so it stings when it hits your face. Maybe after the snow stops falling I can have some snow fun.

Oh, I’m also going to enjoy a hot cup of hot chocolate today. Despite being on a diet. But I have discovered a hot chocolate that is only 20 calories. You heard be right, 20 CALORIES! I’m not even kidding. It is by Nestle. All you dieters run to the store and get ya some.

So what do you do on snow days?

Bop on over to my blog, A Hasty Life, and share your ideas with me!

Because with this kind of snow, I’ll be having snow days for quite a while.


  1. hehe ashley is soo cute! i love her hat!! :)

  2. This looks a little like my post today! I was in the same Snomageddon (as I like to call it)!! Too cute.

    Meggy from Chasing Davies

  3. So cute!!! Love the hat! I wanna come play in the snow!!!!! Looks SO fun! This lil FL girl would freeze though! :)

  4. fun pictures!!! but girl, you are craaaaazy ;)

  5. Adorable photos!! :) Makes me want to run out into the snow, but it's meltinggggggggg!