February 4, 2011

Inspirations with Michabella

To INSPIRE: To affect, to influence; to produce or arouse a feeling or thought.

What inspires me?

Bible verses
Pretty pictures
Jesus and his unfailing love
& YOU, my fellow bloggers

Do you ever worry about what to blog or whether someone is actually going to read what you have to say? Will people comment? Will people love/hate it?

Blog about whatever YOU want to. Seriously, stop worrying about the comments and number of followers. Do you see a pretty picture? Blog it. Did you stumble upon an amazing quote that just hits you? Blog it. I guarantee it will affect someone else. Blog about what YOU love, not what you think others will love. I mean, it is YOUR blog, after all. Whatever you post about, it will inspire someone somewhere, always remember that. Keep it positive. Be REAL.

So, let me ask you… What (or who) inspires YOU?

Michelle (http://michabella.blogspot.com/)


  1. yay for inspiration!! i love your list - woohoo!!

    what inspires me...every day life. so much of it to drink in! happy friday, shawni!

  2. more truer words were never......blogged! :)
    LOVE this!!!
    Have a wonderful day ladies!!

  3. those words are soo great and soo true! people start blogs because they want to share things about themselves or have a place to document inspiration! it's not about comments, followers, and all of that!

    i find inspiration in nature and doing thing outside and hanging out with friends!!

  4. this is so true! I love, love, love your blog!

  5. Love this! So much inspires me. Nature, music, other bloggers.
    Love your blog Michelle!

  6. I love your list and I appreciate all the inspiration you give to me :)

    Love you! Can't wait to hang tomorrow, friend!!!


  7. excellent post! i think some of us need to be reminded about why we are blogging some times!!!

  8. So true! I totally love it! I'm inspired by family, art, quotes, photography and people :]

  9. It's so simple, isn't it? I blog what God lays on my heart, and I need not worry about what others may think. I always ask, am I in it to please others, or God? To God be the glory!

  10. Awesome advice! And it's too true... blog what makes you happy! You aren't doing it for anyone but yourself! I love it because it's such a great place to keep a record of everything that you do. Think of how fun it will be to go back years later and re-read your posts! And become inspired all over again!

  11. (Haha PS I am loving the fact that you don't have that captcha or whatever it's called anymore! I'm so bad at those, it always takes me a couple of tries! Haha.)