February 23, 2011

light outside....

 The sun is out again.
But it's still freezing cold.
I have been keeping to myself a lot lately.
Just figuring my head out.
I keep making these lists, but I never follow through.
This would have bothered me a LOT a few months ago.
But I have just came to terms with it.
You can't schedule EVERYTHING.
You just have to let some things go...
How do you guys re-focus? 
I have been thinking more and more about picking up my art journal...
Any suggestions?



  1. i love lists but yeah i have to give myself room for error 'cause sometimes i can't finish EVERYTHING.

    sometimes when ive overwhelmed i just take a step back from everything on my to do list. i end up donig something NOT on it. does that make sense? then it actually refreshes me and i get more motivated to get the deeds done.

    so yes to the art journal. sounds like a good idea to me! :)

  2. I think us ladies ALWAYS make lists. It's part of our nature :) But the way I re-focus is I pick up my journal and I let my heart go...it's wonderful!

    BTW, your blog is sooo adorable!!

    -Che'Lyssa from Lily Love

  3. i hope you're not keeping to yourself tomorrow because i miss you and want to see you at happy hour!

    i think working on your art journal will help you get back on track and help give you some fresh ideas!

  4. hmm... i have this happen all the time. i have huge lists of things to do and then i never do them. for me it's helpful when i put the first small step of the task on the list instead of the task itself. so instead of writing "work on screenplay" i put "brainstorm 2 scenes." i'm far more likely to work on a task if it seems like an easy, small thing to do. i also try to just jump into whatever i'm thinking of doing, without too much planning or judgment. if you feel like working in your art journal, just pick it up and go without an agenda or without worrying about the other things you have to do first.

    those are the things that work for me, but i know everyone is different. i hope you find something(s) that work well for you too!