March 3, 2011

21 ways to say it better...

I love love. I think we all do.
It's such a magical feeling.
But love isn't easy.
Relationships are hard, and they take work.
But it's the work you put in that determines what you'll end up with...
I am the happiest in THIS relationship that I have ever been.
But I can very honestly say that it's the most I have ever worked in a relationship.
Because I care...
I have always looked for the "easy way out"... I was a pleaser.
 I would just go with the flow, even when I knew I was compromising my true feelings.
Andy doesn't let me do that. He listens to me, and he makes me tell him what's on my mind.
It's not always going to be exactly what he wants to hear, and we aren't always going to agree...
But it's HONEST. And that's something I haven't experienced in a relationship before...

Today Andy forwarded me an article that I just had to share with you all...
I was so happy to see that a lot of these phrases were familiar to me.
But I don't ever want to stop trying., or stop working with Andy...
I hope God teaches us new lessons every day.
Sometimes the best thing to do, is wait and listen.

21 Phrases to Use When "Fighting" with your Partner
Please try to understand my point of view.
Wait, can I take that back?
You don’t have to solve this—it helps me just to talk to you.
This is important to me. Please listen.
I overreacted, I’m sorry.
I see you’re in a tough position.
I can see my part in this.
I hadn’t thought of it that way before.
I could be wrong.
Let’s agree to disagree on that.
This isn’t just your problem, it’s our problem.
I’m feeling unappreciated.
We’re getting off the subject.
You’ve convinced me.
Please keep talking to me.
I realize it's not your fault.
That came out all wrong.
I see how I contributed to the problem.
What are we really fighting about?
How can I make things better?
I’m sorry.
I love you.
Happy Thursday Everyone!
love love love-
Shawni Marie


  1. thanks for posting this, it's great!


  2. I really really like this :D

  3. This is perfect. And I'm so glad you have found a true partner in Andy boy <3

  4. This is beautiful. Thank you :)

  5. I'm a new follower-- I found you through Much Love, Illy's blog :)

  6. Loved this. A great reminder! Thank you!

  7. Sounds like you found a keeper. It's also nice to have a relationship with someone who loves the lessons God teaches us:) Great post.


  8. Lovely! I could certainly use these phrases... I just can't understand "I could be wrong". What does that mean?

  9. what a great list! we use some of those things when we're fighting, but it's hard sometimes to remember to speak diplomatically when there are such strong emotions happening. i feel like we should print out this list and post it in our kitchen. :)

  10. Thanks for sharing this. An awesome reminder!

  11. I love this, so simple, but it's things that we often overlook or forget how important they are :)

  12. Perfect post! I loved it... so thank you for sharing!
    So happy you're in such a great relationship! It truly is more rewarding when you put hard work and effort into it! :)

  13. great post! i love love, too. and the "things to say when fighting" are great : )

    cute blog - glad i found you!
    happy weekend

  14. I've been reading your blog for a while now, but I'm shy to comment. That said, I REALLY had to comment on this, because it came to me in the right time, kinda like a serendipity thing. Thanks for sharing this!