March 2, 2011

a hop, skip, and a jump away...

Andy and I are a bit spontaneous. So this past weekend we decided to really prove that...
We took ourselves out of town for a little mini holiday.
It was so much fun, and it made me realize even more what a partner I have found in him...
I started feeling sick about half way through our weekend, but Andy was so understanding.
I adore him for it!
Yay for wine tasting, and yay for love ♥


  1. How fun!
    Ps: in the picture with you wearing sunglasses, it looks like Andy is trying to find his weiner in the reflection Hahaha

  2. a mini holiday? how fun!! i love spontaneous getaways, especially when you have such a sweet partner to share it with. hope you're feeling better!

  3. YAY! Mini-vacays are the best! Hope you are feeling better!

  4. love your hair - you look darling! :)

  5. How amazing! I would love to do something like this with my boy soon. I've been craving a road trip like nobody's business!

    You. Are. Adorable.

  6. Wine tasting?! Awesome. One of my favorite things to do. How fun.
    You guys are so cute. Loved all your pictures. :]