March 9, 2011

a moment like this...

(image via weheartit)
I have been told before that I speak from the heart.
I think it's the nicest thing anyone has ever said.
This morning I woke up to an email that lifted me out of my whole funk.
I have been a little sad lately. I hate to admit.
I have been feeling that no matter how hard I work at ANYTHING, I am just going to fail.
What I forgot about was my FAITH.
My heart, my soul, and my drive.
All gifts from my Heavenly Father..
I wanted to take this moment to say that I am grateful.
For the life I have been given, and for the gifts I call my friends and family.
For the freedom of speech. For free will. For the beauty of humanity.
Give someone the chance to change your life, they will.
I am recently blown away by the gift of forgiveness and tenderness.

What are YOU grateful for bloggers??
I am grateful for YOU ♥
Shawni Marie


  1. Love this post, Shawni. It's such a great reminder that positive words can truly help someone. Makes me want to write encouraging emails to all my friends. <3

  2. What a beautiful post - we all need reminders to stop and think what we're thankful for. Very uplifting :)

  3. loved this. truer words were never spoken.
    i'm grateful for you, friend!

  4. Loved this! Especially what you are thankful for! It is such a sweet list and it was a great reminder to me today.

  5. hi shawni! this is such a beautiful post! i am soo grateful for you! and can't wait to meet you very soon!! did you buy your plane ticket yet for CE??

  6. thanks you guys! it's always so nice to hear from you all. Sandy and Ilene, i can't wait for April. I adore you both and it's going to be so awesome getting so spend some time together at Creative Estates!!

    -Also, i posted the image source for this photo. I apologize to whoever was upset by it!!


  7. aw so sweet! i think that a fear of failure just means that you have things in your life that matter, that you care about, and THAT IS SO WONDERFUL!! :)

  8. Beautiful post! Sometimes it takes something as little as a step back to realize all of the wonderful blessings God has given us to get us out of our funks =) Glad to see that in you! MUAH xo

  9. This is so so so so true, and I have the same times of sadness and feelings of failure. It is so important to hold onto those truths you mentioned! I needed that reminder today too! Im super thankful for my husband and family and friends and kitties and that God invented chocolate! :)
    and Im thankful for you and your post, thank you!

  10. This is so beautiful! You have a lovely blog!


  11. Beautiful post, you beautiful girl.

  12. ps. Also, I wanted to tell you that (since you are a follower of mine; was Love & Life now champagne wishes.) I have had some issues with my new blog set up, tried to create a new one under the same account with similar issues so I have created a new account under a new e-mail address & I wanted to make sure I tell all of my followers so if you follow me at that would be so greatly appreciated! I will (when I get to it) unfollow you from my old account which I won't use anymore and re-follow you with my new one(this one)! Thanks again! Have a great week! xo melissa