June 1, 2010

three cheers for five years

i had an amazing weekend. it was busy. and i had alot to do, but all in all it was nothing short of amazing. i ended up working most of it, but managed to squeeze in enough time with the people that i love to make it feel real. friday night i worked. the restaurant was stupid slow. luckily it was just the three of us. michael, eric, and i. i love when its just the three of us. it brings back memories of when i first started working at tuli. when i was a lowly intern begging for free shifts. saturday morning i woke up early, cleaned a little, and headed over to liz's for some thrift shopping! i had a blast. three stops later, and i was loaded. (i do plan n posting a few of my finds later this evening. youll have to be patient with me. im still learning). after thrifting liz and i hit up the mall where i convinced her to spend her hard earned dollars. shopping is my vice. i need to stop. later that evening we hit up Michelangelo's to grab a drink from my handsome boyfriend before ending our night at nishiki's for sushi with amanda. SUCH a long day. i snuck home to nap before chris got off. we drove out to davis and baked a cake with strawberries and chocolate frosting. i had one piece. chris had three. i think his appetite is one of the sexiest things about him. 

sunday was full of work. i finally had my ass kicked on the oven. ive been begging for it and it finally happened. it felt good to swim through it, but it wasnt easy. 

monday was the best. i woke up early and cleaned the rest of my room. it feels good to have it all coming together. i also picked up our new BBQ. so amazing. 

i never realized how tough it is to keep up with blogging. but im excited for the challenge. here we go...

here's to wishing for lots of followers and new friends <3 meow. xoxo- shawni marie


  1. Cute cute cute! Welcome to the blogosphere!

  2. Where did you and Liz go thrifting?