June 16, 2010

sunshine & summertime

I've been a bad girl. three weeks ago i promised to stop shopping. i made a promise to myself that i would spend one full year recycling the clothes i currently have in my closet. if you know me, then you already know that's a LOT. and I've been pretty good. i will admit that i slipped a little on vacation, but cheese and rice... i was on VACATION <3 my intention was to create outfit posts. yes, I'm a newbie so they will probably suck at first... but I'm thinking that the blogging will help keep me accountable.and hopefully i someday have follows who will help keep me accountable too. its going to be tough. there's almost nothing i love more than shopping. when i wear something new, its almost the only time i actually feel pretty. i think feeling that way is what actually made me realize what a little clothing monster I've become. so say that i need to wear something new to feel better about myself is just SAD. and i realize that. you can laugh at me, because I'm already laughing at myself.

It's been three weeks, and still not a single outfit post. not even today. not even right now. but i have been taking a FEW pictures and I've decided to share them. after today though i promise to keep up on my outfit posts. i believe that they will make me stronger. and maybe even keep me accountable. wish me luck guys <3


  1. picture #3...has the cutest little romper. where oh where did this come from? You look amazing in it!

  2. at kohl's!! its my new favorite place to shop <3