June 21, 2010

tuli is for lovers

tuli is for lovers. of all sorts it seems. tuli bistro is the name of the restaurant that i have the privilege of working for. i cook on the oven there, help out on pantry, sometimes cook brunch, and help out with the catering at times i've worked here for roughly a year and a half. i love it. i've even quit and begged for my job back. but that's a totally different story. anyways, i love this place. and of course, my friends do as well. anytime something special happens, we celebrate at tuli. SO heather is in town. finally. and her one demand was a grand dinner at tuli. my chef gave me the day off and we all dressed up for the occasion. i cant tell you how much we ate... you would judge me. if you haven't been , then you need to go. you wont be disappointed. and im not just saying that <3

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