June 24, 2010

a wish for wishes

I've been really happy lately. for a few reasons, and i wont bother you with all of them. but mostly because I've felt everything come together. a real sense of peace. of course as SOON as i was feeling relaxed, anxiety jumps in. I'm still really happy, but i feel like I'm at an odd place in my life. the kind of place where a year late, you look back and realize that THIS is the moment everything changed. in my head and in my heart, it feels like standing on the edge of a diving board. I'm ALMOST ready to jump, but not quite there...so I've decided that while i wait, i will write down a little list. so that hopefully, a year later, i can look back on this list and be able to check a few of them off <3

1. go on a hot air balloon ride.
2. go back to Europe. Germany first.
3. visit the place where my parents fell in love.
4. get back into cooking at home. creating things. and using everything i learn for my future.
5. write a cookbook and have it published.
6. lose the extra fluff around my waistline. not for anyone else. just for me.
7. sew my own dress for a fancy occasion.
8. put my toes in sand. its been a while.
9. learn how to balance my mind, my soul, and my heart.
10. get my relationship with God back to where i want it.
11. grow my hair out even more. so that its just as long as Miley's.

changes are coming. stay tuned.

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