July 1, 2010


This week has been such a busy one. and it's about to get even busier. i love that about summer. for me summer days seem longer. and summer nights are even more fantastic. i cant help but think of Rascal Flatts when i talk about summer. i guess that's just the country girl in me. i am hoping for the best summer ever. and it's already off to a great start. i took my trip to Nashville, I met Taylor Swift, I am spending the 4th of July with my boyfriend in Santa Cruz, my birthday is in one month, and I get to go to Mexico! On top of all of my little trips, i am working on my future. i decided last week that i have become a little TOO comfortable. now is the time to push myself, and figure out my game plan for the next five years.

This weekend will start off with watching the Argentina/ Germany game. i cant help but cheer for Germany.even though i would love to see Argentina make it to the finals. Liz and Glenn are coming over and i am sure there will be a huge breakfast feast. afterwards i am hoping in my car and heading for SC. it will be the first time i drive there, and I'm anxious. i cant wait to see the city and Chris's house. i hear that there are chickens. and fresh eggs every day. yum yum.

i will be back on Monday with a FULL report.

happy fourth you guys.

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  1. Eee I'm so excited for you that you're spending the holiday with your love. I wish I was going <3