August 14, 2010

and I just can't hide it

Today was a really magical day. I woke up early in the morning and made a list for myself. A list of things to do. Saturdays are my only real days off and I usually schedule events with friends or the boyfriend to fill them. However, today I said no to everyone. I set out to accomplish my little tasks and I think I did a pretty good job. I am saving most of my to-dos for a post tomorrow but here is a little peek at my favorite part of today. The shopping part. I headed to the mall to make some returns. Of course, like I have mentioned BEFORE... I have a bit of a shopping addiction. Here in picture, is what I scored today... Enjoy.  I know I will....

P.S. The best part... I only spent $97.00

xoxo, Shawni Marie
or as my boyfriend lovingly refers to me...
Shawni Love


  1. These pictures are so cute! And the clothes and girl are too, of course :)

  2. so jealous of your new cute clothes!! I need to go shopping with you, you seem to have my speed:)

  3. i wish we were the same size so that i could shop in your closet lol