September 2, 2010

swans and such

I rarely have days off but when I do get the chance, I try and clean my room. It's almost always a landing zone and not much of a place I get to spend my time. Don't get me wrong, my favorite times are Saturday mornings laying in bed with a great book... but that pretty much only happens once a week. So here it is, in pictures. My sanctuary...

As you can see, I need ART for my walls!! Help... Suggestions!? <3

Love love,
Shawni Marie


  1. your room looks so feminine and lady-like. if you want some cute (and not too expensive) prints you should try Vol. 25

  2. Your room is so pretty!! Enjoy it now because when you live with a boy, he won't let you keep it that girly. True story.

  3. I love your room. Come decorate mine!

  4. Gorgeous! That bed looks heavenly, and I love all the little details you worked into your space. So inspiring :)