September 27, 2010

what a weekend...

This weekend I ...

Shopped till I dropped at the Roseville Galleria. I haven't been shopping in a while. I have attempted to remain a good girl. The the natural shopoholic in my won out on Friday.

Made amazing food for the city of Sacramento at my lovely little restaurant, Tuli Bistro.

Watched Letters to Juliet while trying not to fall asleep. I didn't succeed.

Drank two bottles of wine while playing beer pong. I made three cups! It's a new goal for me.

Ate the most delicious breakfast sandwich.

Cuddled with a very special little boy.

Took so many pictures with my fancy new camera.

Watched a little football before heading off to work again.

What did YOU do this weekend?!


  1. my garage, lol. i played one game, passed out <3

  2. That breakfast sandwich looks so good!

    Wish I could have gone shopping with you!

  3. Oh again you are sooo pretty! I did some retail therapy at H&M too!!! :D It would have been reallllly bad if I went to Forever 21. Those two are my FAV stores! Oh if only we lived closer!

    Letters to Juliet is out??? hmmm thinking I will need to watch it one of these lonely nights of mine! Looks like you had a very nice weekend. I would have been right there with ya drinking that wine <333

  4. Sounds like such a great weekend!

    This weekend I... I can't even remember. HA! I think Saturday my boyfriend and I just hung out and watched movies, Sunday we went apple picking then out for dinner with my Nana for her birthday, then to the fair but it was closed.

  5. Oh my goodness, I WANT your weekend!! Sounds perfect :) Mine included a lot of family time and relaxing and bad TV. Just the way I wanted it!

  6. I saw Vampire Weekend in Berkeley and did some great vintage shopping! You can check out my new dresses at
    Now... Open the bags, lets see what YOU got!

  7. i did a lot!...well, you know! i need to blog about it!