October 12, 2010

antique fair & bettie xl

I can't get over my bettie XL lens. I went to an early breakfast Sunday morning and then walked around the Sacramento Antique Fair. Here are some photos. Enjoy ♥

Here are a few other things that TOTALLY made my week better...

My package came from Megan! I can't believe all the time and care and love that went into the packaging alone! So amazing. I think I will order from her shop once a week just to get beautiful smiles in the mail. YOU SHOULD TOO!!

Hooters TWICE

My purple glitter polish

& Wearing leggings with boots weather!!


Shawni Marie


  1. I heart you darling!!!
    First off: I LOVE those photos!!!
    They are so beautiful with a vintage touch!!
    Second of all: I am SO happy that you loved your package!! It was sent with a spoonful of love and a touch of magic! :)
    Third: That nail polish is AMAZING and your outfit is too cute for words! I love that cardigan with that tunic/dress! You are so stylish!!
    I will be so happy when legging and boot weather is here to stay!! :)

  2. TOTALLY LOVE THAT PURSE! And I have a thing (fetish?) for collecting matches!!! GAH! Drooling over all those matches! That package Megan sent you was def full of love! Always delightful! <333

  3. Oh my gosh! I love the photos! The lens is perfect!

    And I love your outfit!

  4. I love the new lense, too! Fun pics!


  5. yayyy for leggings and boots weather!
    such a cute package!

    -Morgan (Blackbird Fly)
    Blackbird Fly

  6. such a cute post!


  7. I super love the Bettie lens too! Such cute photos bby. And your expression in the last photo is FIERCE <3

  8. Lovely photos :)
    & what a sweet package!

  9. you make me want to get an iphone just for this! i love the antique fair but it's torture to go when you can't spend any money!

    p.s. yes we can make funnel cake! i will love you forever!

  10. I don't get it.
    HOW are you taking these pictures? If you are seriously taking these with an iphone that has a lens attached, I am going to POOP MY PANTS. I will finally trade in my flip phone and splurge on an iphone.
    Please, explain!

  11. first, i love the pics! those are soooo cool. wish i had an iphone. maybe one day...

    and yes that is a sweet package from megan - love all the details!!!

    im dying for leggings and boots weather to head my way. though im still on a hunt for the perfect pair of mustard yellow tights and new boots - still can't find them, or ones i like. the weather is holding back just for me. ;)

    loved this post, girl!

  12. wow, i LOVE the items you received from ms. megan! her packaging is just darling!

    and i totally adore the photos you took with your camera too, i wish we could go antique/vintage shopping together sometime shawni!!! it would be sooo fun!!!!

    and of course you look adorable with your leggings/boots!!!

    btw, i met up w/ michabella today!! we talked about how cute you are! hopefully we can meet up someday too! :)

  13. Megan is AMAZING!!!!!! Seriously. She amazes me every single day! She is such a sweetheart. (And so are youuuuu! Haha. I am seriously SO SO happy that I found your blog!) There are so many wonderful things to find at antique fairs. Love it! And the hooters made me think of the SPICY wing eating contest I WON on Wednesday night!! Hahahaha too funny.