October 11, 2010

manic mondays

I had a crazy amazing weekend. By crazy, I do mean CRAZY. I had a lot on my plate, and it was fun to see it all come together. As some of you know, i have been working like crazy on getting products together for my online Etsy store. I took a short day at the office on Friday and spent the rest of it in my kitchen and craft corner working like a mad woman. I am super excited about how it all turned out.

I had promised myself I would have 30 bookmarks ready by the end of the weekend, I ended up with a little less. BUT I had a few distractions. Some pretty great distractions if you ask me...

I am way behind at the office today, but I wanted to say HAPPY MONDAY to you lovelies. Sandy did a little interview of me on her blog. I adore the friends I have made!! You will lvoe love her blog, check it out♥

But... here's a little sneak peek at what I am working on♥

Let me know what you guys think, since your thoughts mean SO MUCH to me.

Shawni Marie

p.s. having the HARDEST time coming up with a name for my store... thoughts? suggestions?


  1. LOVING the sneak peek!! I am sooo happy for you BBF!!! I am so not creative with coming up witha store name but why not "Spoonful of Love"? <333

  2. What beautiful bookmarks!!!
    You are so talented!!
    I can't wait for your Etsy shoppe to open!!
    (P.S. I LOVE coming up with names!!!)
    If you don't want to A Spoonful of Love (which would match your blog and you could say that a a book and a cup of tea always go together or some such cute connection) how about...
    A spoonful of knowledge
    A spoonful of lace
    bows and books
    hold that thought
    lilacs and lace or lilacs and bows
    ( when I think of more I'll let you know!) (:
    Happy Monday friend!

  3. How about... A Spoonful of Sugar...or is that too Mary Poppins? : )

  4. oooh i LOVE it! can't wait to see the shop. :) why not name it the same name as your blog...?

    soooo excited for you!!!

  5. They are AWESOME bookmarks!! Moments like this wish me that postage didn't cost so much from the usa to new zealand :(

  6. Oh my goodness you made my day! Thank you for your sweet comment.
    AND you are my 500th follower! I have a feeling we'll be friends;)

    I saw your bookmarks on Sandy's blog and thought they were so cool. So glad you are starting a shop!

  7. Just read the Sponsor Love post on Sandy's page...LOVE IT! LOVE YOU BBF!

  8. awwww your bookmarks are sooo cute!!!! i LOVE THEM!! i cannot wait until you open up shop girl!!! :D

  9. How pretty!
    I found your blog through Sandy's blog, and I'm glad I did!! :) Your bookmarks are so pretty!! I love the name "Spoonful of Love" :)
    Such a lovely blog here - I'll be checking back again ;)

  10. Your blog is adorable!!! :) Thanks for stopping by mine! I got the doll at an estate sale last July and I've just been WAITING to put her out haha. I'm not normally a doll person but I couldn't resist.

  11. I love these bookmarks! I'm excited for you to start an Etsy shop too! Ah I'm so nervous for mine to open on MONDAY! Haha. Once I open mine I will definitely give you some tips! Once I figure them out, that is. hehe. I'm so pumped for you!