October 5, 2010


I usually take my outfit posts on Monday morning with my mom, but I was going out for a little dinner Sunday and felt like dressing a up a little. I normally work on Sunday nights, so this was a pretty rare treat for me!!

Also, I am IN LOVE with this necklace!! I purchased it on Etsy last week and haven't been able to take it off. I plan on purchasing two more, and the lovely owner has agreed to donate one necklace for my next giveaway! I can't wait to share with you guys!!

Oh AND!!! I totally borrowed this hairstyle from the very lovely Miss Chelsea's post. Check it out ♥

Love Love,
Happy Tuesday
Shawni Marie


  1. Cute outfit! I love that necklace too!

  2. Aw I love Miss Chelsea. And how stinkin cute are you?!?! Love the outfit...and the silly band :P


  3. cute outfit! i like the lace braided in your hair :)
    i added your button to my 'blogs I <3' page :)

  4. It looks so effortless, love it!

  5. you are sooo stinking cute!! i LOVEEE the necklace and lace headband!!

  6. So pretty, love the lace! And your shirt looks like it would be so comfy!

  7. I LOVE that necklace!!
    And the way you decorated your locks of hair!!
    If you are looking for someone else to donate for your next giveaway, I would be happy to make a pack of cards!! :)