October 6, 2010

Sweet Child of Mine

Okay so, I have mentioned before how MUCH I love reading...
And this is pretty much what got it started...

PLEASE PLEASE tell me someone remembers these books...

I was able to track them down in England via eBay. Yay for eBay.


  1. I most def remember those books!!!! OMG! <333

  2. :( I have never read these books, but they look like an excellent read!! Especially for October!! :)
    It's so funny that your post is about finding books from the past, when I was little my mum got me a couple short stories from a local church sale ((They were not religious-just cute little stories)) and I was thinking the other night how I wish I would have taken better care of them because I can no longer find them, so my mum went on the internet and found three stories from this talented author!! I am so excited!! She made a whole bunch of copies, so I think I am going to slip these stories in with Birthday/Christmas gifts!! :) This post made me want to share my finds!! :)
    Happy Hump day friend!!

  3. I have some! Used to love them so much :):)

  4. One of my favourite things to do is cleaning and finding old books. It's just so much fun to re-read them. I mean yeah, sure, I feel like a little kid while I'm reading it, ha, but it's awesome. They bring back so many memories!