October 7, 2010

I haven't been blogging long but I can tell you that I have met the most amazing people since. Creative, insightful women, who really have something to say.

I wanted to put this question out there though. Lately I have had people close to be in my life ask me about my commitment to blogging and wonder how you can make friends with people you barely know. I am asking you, my loves, how do you answer this question? Do the people closest to you in your life wonder about your blogging as well?

I can only explain so much. How much you inspire me, both creatively and spiritually.

Maybe you can give me a better response...

How do you address blogging in your personal life?

Shawni Marie


  1. I get the same questions, and really, it's the fact that the friends I make online are different kinds of friends. They are my friend because of a game I play, or a forum I post in, or my crafts that I share. They are my gamer friends, who I can trust to watch my back, my forum friends who will sympathize with my posts, and my craft friends who will show me what they make and we'll inspire each other. They are anonymous sweethearts who show you what it's like to be friends with a stranger for the sake of being friends.
    I know this is really long but it's what I tell people...

  2. let me first say that you are such a sweet heart & that i adore you so so much! when i first had to deal with this it was hard to answer. but i've found that i have friends in my real life who also read my blog. i tell them to imagine actual conversations with the people who's blogs they're reading. to be able to form a bond & a friendship sometimes greater than any you can find at home. i mean, its so hard to fully get along with people & find quality friends that when you have blog friend who you can visit & communicate with, then why not? i've found that my blog friends are SO supportive of my dream. my shop, my art, my life (even if they barely know me) & the decisions i make. these people share with me a love of creativity, food, art, crafts, even fitness & health at times. so when asked (which is rare) i just say that because of the blogs, & the hours of chat, i know my blog friends better than i will ever know some of my "real life" friends. my blog friends are loyal & never flaky. they're working girls who like to create so usually do both. these are the people that i chose to talk to. there are so many things that i can talk to my blog friends about that i cant with my real friends, & the other way around. but in my personal experience, blog friends are the best. you & vivs & my girl bradee have changed the way i look at blogging & friendships. i am WILLING & WANT to travel north to see you, i dont feel cheesy loving my iphone & facetime. this is life now. this is how the world works. twitter, chat & blogging have taken us here so why not embrace it?
    that probably didnt answer your question, but i wanted to tell you HOW much i appreciate you! <3

  3. I get weird looks from others when I say how much I love blogging and the people I have "met" through it. It IS hard to explain! But we share a common connection to each other in the blog world. We share our hearts, we put ourselves out there, and together we support each other. It's a bond. An honestly, I communicated with my blogging friends more than I do with my "real life" friends. Esp recently, I have gotten more support from the blog community during my breakup than anyone else! (Besides God & my family of course) I consider you one of my very close blogging friends. I heart you BBF!<333

  4. How funny! I was JUST talking to my mum about this the other day!!!
    She works in AR and talks to people from all over the world either via phone or email, and she will be talking to me and slip in so-and-so said this or so-and-so said that and she is great friends with these people that she has never even met or even seen.
    So when I am taking to her and saying that Sandy said the sweetest thing on my blog or Shawni wrote the most beautiful blog post or...
    She totally gets it.
    Sometimes my friends don't understand and I just tell them, they are all my friends, what difference does it make that I haven't met them?? :) They are all beautiful and I enjoy their company!
    P.S. I heart you Ms. Shawni!!!!

  5. Hi I am a newish follower so a new blog friend I suppose! =)
    I've had trouble answering this question as well. Most people just don't understand.
    The thing I love is connecting with people who are going through similar things that you are.
    I can't always talk to every friend about what I'm going through at the time, but then I read a post online and think...that's exactly what I needed to hear or they completely understand what this is like. It feels so awesome to see that you aren't the only one!
    I also love seeing decorating ideas and diys and anything else creative! I love being inspired by so many great friends to be more crafty!
    I loved reading everyone elses answers too. So many good suggestions for how to answer this question.

  6. The way I see it-
    On a day to day basis, the chances of you running into a new person where you have tons in common AND see friend potential with are basically slim to none.
    In the blog world, you get to narrow down that search. Already I am focusing my search to mainly girls, in sacramento, who love vintage clothes, shopping, crafting, and photography. Statistically, we have a way better chance of hitting it off! How would this NOT be a good place to meet friends? If eharomy can help you find a guy that also like to eat chinese food and sleep with his socks on, why can't we use our blogging network to make new friends?
    PS- lets be friends!! ;)

  7. i always get a variety of questions from non-blogger friends such as "how do you have time to blog?" and since i have met many bloggers in real life already, people always say, "are you sure that's a good idea?? they aren't your real friends, etc etc." BUT the way i see it is that my blogging friends and the community is completely different world. everyone is soo supportive of my shop and my blog and i feel like i have soo much in common with soo many blogger friends!! AND when i do meet up with my blogger friends, we already feel like we know a lot about each other so it's not really like a blind date or anything. and everytime i do meet up with blogger friends, we have soo much to talk about and have a blast!! :D

    love u!!

  8. I think when you join the blog world, you tend to gravitate towards those who either inspire you (creatively or as a whole) and those who are interested in similar interests.

    The real world isn't so fortunate. You're kind of stuck with the friends that you know from school, the friends from work or the occasional friend of a friend. You don't get to go out there and meet in a central location, and find people who are into the same things that you are into. It just doesn't work that way.

    Blog friends get you. They don't judge. And let's face it, bloggers are just that much cooler. :)

  9. I saw a tweet going around a few weeks back that said something along the lines of "facebook is for friends who are now strangers, and twitter is for strangers who should be your friends" I think blogging is the same way!

    I refer to other bloggers in daily conversation, remember their birthdays, and get excited when they have good things come their way! Blog friends are better at keeping others updated than non-blog friends ;)

  10. I sort of touched on this in a conversation with Liz this morning! I've been meaning to post something about it. I think I will now. :)

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  12. Those of us who run in the same online circles tend to love similar things. For us it's crafts, fashion, design, food, and other creative stuff. With all these things in common I figure how can we not be friends?!? If people don't understand it then they're just a little behind.

  13. don't fret my dear! i like blogging because it helps me meet people who share similar interests that i may never meet irl. hell sometimes it helps you meet people that live just around the corner that you never knew about! it's wonderful forming these connections. why does it matter if you've never meet them in person before? perhaps one day you will. wouldn't it be great to know you have friends all over the country/world?

  14. It's really hard to explain to people what blogging is to begin with. When I finally get the explanation across, it seems very predator-ish! I went through the worst friend-break up after I was married, lost my job, and blogging became a new hobby. In the process, I met the most amazing women I'd never have the opportunity to meet.

  15. I know, that's a hard one to answer! I guess it's just like meeting someone in class, or in a store, who you kinda connect with and realize you have the same interests...except that you get to know a lot about them through their blog. It's like virtual pen pals. It's very unique but special in it's own way :)


  16. I actually really like & agree with Nicole's answer A LOT. Blogging is the perfect way to meet friends with similar interests. It is really hard trying to explain to family & friends not hip to The Blogosphere was blogging is all about and how the community is just that--a community. Which is why I'm SO glad you're joining me on this journey because what are best friends for, right? :)

    ps; WHO has been asking you about it? Lol text me. Love chu. <3

  17. As a non-blogger, I'd tell those people it's the same thing as joinging a club or a sports team; a fun way to meet like-minded people who share the same interests.

    To be honest, I think people spend to much time on the internet these days, but as long as blogging doesn't keep you from having a life away from the moniter, everyone else can belt-up and be quiet.

  18. Hi, Shawni! First of all, I wanted to say I'm so glad I clicked over from She Breathes Deeply. I'm loving your blog!

    Secondly, I can totally understand this question. I feel like non-bloggers kinda think I'm crazy when they realize how important blogging is in my life. The things I've learned and the friends I've made are irreplaceable blessings. Honestly, I couldn't have survived these last two years of living in a new place with no friends nearby without the relationships I've been through blogging.

    Some people think blogging is invasive, but I say only if you want it to be. I find it freeing to share experiences and find others have been there.
    Basically, I've learned to ignore negativity and embrace my blogging self. :)



    I blog @adorkable-me.blogspot.com

  19. I don't tell many people that I know about my blog. It just seems really bizarre to me. Haha! i love my blog, but I don't think many people would understand...

  20. I dont talk very much about my blog. I tell people I have one but I get really shy when they ask more about it. I guess I am scared what they will say when I tell them how many lovely people I have 'met' through my blog. my sister thinks it is weird that I refer to blog authors as my friends. but I believe they are. I follow their blogs avidly and feel like I know them more than I know real life friends. I also love the inspiration other peoples blogs give me. Lately most of my friends are work olleagues and all we have in common is work. with blog friends its more than that.

  21. Friendships are an unexpected part of blogging. Only if you are a blogger can you understand these connections. I am truly, truly amazed at all these great and inspirational people i've met. They really offer a support and kindness most on a daily basis. One of them being Sandy, of Sandy A La Mode, who's post today has taken me on a trip to your blog. It's super cute and glad sandy is so sharing.

  22. What an awesome question and I love all of the answers. Everyone said it better than I could, ha. I just started blogging a few months ago, I had been wanting to for a while but I was scared to start. Now I'm SO glad that I did because I have met so many amazing people and I'm looking forward to being friends with everyone for a long, long time! There are just so many amazing people out there (and more to meet) and I wouldn't have been able to meet them without blogging.

  23. I haven't really figured out the best way to explain it to my IRL friends either, but I can say I have "met" people online that truly changed the way I see my friendships. Sandy & Ilene have been some of the sweetest, most supportive people to me. There are honestly things that i would tell to my blog/twitter friends that I don't think I could ever say to my IRL friends.
    Good Luck! & I look forward to getting to know you more!