October 1, 2010

In honor of October 1st, I have put together a little list of all of my favorite things to do in October! I hope that you try some of them out too!

-Visit Apple Hill. Apple Hill is my favorite place to go this time of the year. It is so beautiful. i stuff my face with apple donuts and drink apple wine. High Hill Ranch has a fishing pond and rescue wolves. You can also play in the pumpkin patch and visit the fudge factory. Crafters gather to sell items. BBQ is in the air. I love the smell of it all. How crisp and clean it feels. It's the perfect escape form my city.

-Watch Hocus Pocus. I love this movie. I have loved this movie for as long as I can remember. I have so many memories of dressing up as a witch when I was a little girl. I used to pretend that I was a good witch and cast spells on my classmates. I realize how silly this may sounds, but I was an only child. I had a huge imagination.

-Take a few walks in the cemeteries. I have never been afraid of death. One of my favorite memories is when my parents took me to Switzerland. While they skied and played in the snow, I was in the cemetery making grave rubbings.I still love to do this, and I love photographing old headstones. To me, there is just something so romantic about them.

-Make my favorite cupcakes! Here is the recipe!

-Brew a huge batch of apple cider. My mom has been using this recipe for YEARS. My best memories include this amazing little drink. Mommy and I would walk down to our little pond and snuggle up, watching the horses and sipping our spiced cider. While I can't share everything with you, I will give you a few hints. Add tang, stir with a cinnamon stick, and make sure to use some all spice.

-Attend Six Flags Fright Fest! I get into my costume and drag my mom with me to the theme park. She usually makes me ride the roller coasters alone, but it is still a blast! By far, one of my favorite things about October.

-I like to take a trip to Clarksburg and do a little wine tasting. There are few things that I love MORE than wine. Clarksburg is a beautiful little town. The Sugar Mill offers a great selection of different wine makers. My friends Ashley and Jordan had a beautiful wedding there.

-Last but not least, my favorite favorite thing to do in October is visiting the corn mazes! Getting lost in rows and rows of corn with a few friends is so thrilling to me. Last year Liz and I brought a bottle of Jose. No shame.

October and November are my two favorite months, and I plan on sharing all my special moment with you guys. I hope you share too! Let's make new friends this holiday season. I have been blown away by the amazing, talented, and inspiring women I have met in the past few months. Thank you for sharing your stories, and your kind words. 

Love Love-
Shawni Marie


  1. I LOVE HOCUS POCUS! And apple donuts?! I want some! I have never had any! And corn mazes?! Oh man FL stinks. We don't have fun things like this! Your October sounds so wonderful <333

  2. a) I LOVE the new blog!!! It is beautiful!!!
    b) Hocus Pocus is a must!! ((Along with The Monster Mash, When Good Ghouls Go Bad and The Monster Squad!))
    c) You forgot pumpkin pie/bread!! :)
    Happy Friday and Happy Happy October!!!!

  3. Cool! I need to try the walk through the cemetery!!

  4. I love Hocus Pocus! I always trip that Binx is now the guy on NCIS!

  5. Apple hill is in my blood. When I was a kid, I would roll down the hills at Kids INC and eat candy apples. When I was a teen, I would get my early Christmas shopping done at the craft tents and have apple donuts. Now when I go, I slather my face in apple beer and cider shakes. It is a magical magical place.
    Hint: Don't try and go at noon on a Saturday unless you want to sit in traffic for hours over a total of about 4 blocks. If you can go early or late in the season, you will avoid most the crowds.

    Thanks for the awesome post and a reminder of some of my favorite memories!

  6. I SO want to watch hocus pocus!!! We should have a movie night ;)

  7. Yum yum & YUM! Girl, I love that you're so in to this season too! We have this place in SoCal called Oak Glen, it's just like the apple place you're talking about. I've never been to a corn maze before! But YUM for those cupcakes! Seriously, happy Autumn!

  8. i love hocus pocus and those cupcakes! they were sooo good! um call me if you go to a corn maze, that sounds like jolly good fun!

  9. I loved this list! I already went apple picking, but I have to make sure to go to the pumpkin patch later this month! I have such a craving for apple cider now, mmm!

    I love corn mazes but ugh I have such a fear of snakes and I would be terrified to run into one! hahaaha. What a bummer, eh.