October 4, 2010

More than an Art Journal

SO I did a bit of art journaling this weekend. Shoot me, I am SO behind on the class schedule. Lucky for me Viv is leaving the website up for a whole year ♥

Here are a few of the pages I completed. Flipping back through my old pages makes me realize that I actually AM getting better at this. And I am pretty stinking excited. I wish art journaling class would never end ♥

I credit a lot of my improvement to building a huge inventory of supplies. My friend Amanda was watching me on Saturday and started giggling at all of my drawers, boxes, and envelopes FULL of supplies ♥

My favorite place to get supplies has been from THIS Etsy shop. Oh and the packet that Viv has sent me. I can't wait to take a trip to the flea market and pick up a ton of old Atlases, music books, and old Children's books ♥

Love Love,
Shawni Marie


  1. LOVE Viv and her art journaling classes <333

  2. Thanks for sharing the link to that Etsy shop! I just hearted it :)

  3. wow, you've sure been busy girl!!! LOVE it!!!

  4. so you're taking an art journaling CLASS? that sounds like so much fun. the pages you shared are so cute and funky - i love them.


  5. Dude, you journal pages are AWESOME! I wish I could do something half that good! Be proud of yourself! :)