October 29, 2010

on business cards

I want to scream right now. I have been playing all morning/afternoon online trying to figure out my business card design. I think I have mentioned before, but if not, here goes. I AM NOT COMPUTER SAVVY. At all. Liz pretty much does everything for me. Thank the Lord.

But today I wanted to be a little independent. I tweeted asking for website advice, and couldn't have been luckier with all my responses. When I tried out each site however, I was not successful.

So I decided to share with YOU all what I think works. This does not mean I know what's best. But for beginners, here is a little of my insight.

-make sure your photos are the right size before you upload them.
-try switching up designs
-do not settle for less
-always check for spelling errors
-choose a font that's going to be EASY to read
-pick colors that accent your own style
-don't punch the keyboard, it will get you nowhere
-go to moo.com


All other websites drove me insane. This isn't to say that they're no good... I am sure that they are amazing. But moo.com has just saved my life, and my sanity.

I open shop November 11th, and I couldn't be more excited/nervous/anxious/scared.

Love love love,
Shawni Marie


  1. You open shop on my brothers (& Leo DiCaprio's) birthday! lol! I need to order cards & stat! <3
    Also, I need to post (in the mail) a little love letter for you!

  2. "don't punch the keyboard, it'll get you nowhere" lol i love you.

  3. haha love this! and yes, moo.com saves you a lot of the sanity you would lose else wear. im a huge fan!

  4. Yay! Best of luck!


  5. I ordered my cards from moo.com. I'm so excited! :)

  6. i'm very DIY with my cards, but i've checked out moo, and it looks totally foolproof! i'm sure your cards are gorgeous :-)

  7. I am soooooooooooo excited for you Shawni!!!!!!!!! :) And I'm glad that moo.com worked out for you! It's so easy, I love it!!

  8. moo is awesome.. and it's so simple to use. i've been using them for over a year and i love them. :)