November 8, 2010

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

This weekend was crazy. In a good way. I was the most sick I have been in YEARS on Friday. I actually went home sick and that never happens. I put myself to bed and this is what happened next...

-Andy picked me up and took me to his place when he got off work. He made me Lipton Soup with cheese in it. It's how my mom makes it and it was fun to share that with him.

-I slept until 3 p.m. the next day! Yes, 3 p.m. I know I know, I am ashamed too.

-I crafted for 6 hours. I made tons of new headbands and a little "camera bag makeover".... I actually had a blast. I even wore one out that night to a friend's show and got a ton of compliments. A few of my friends want them now too and it just makes me SO happy to share with them people I love.

-I made myself some TheraFlu and thought it tasted yucky. So I threw in some splashes of sake and it was yum yum delicious.

-Andy surprised me with a really awesome Taylor Swift t-shirt, memory foam pillow for his bed, and supplies to make more headbands. He's so awesome.

-I woke up super sleepy and euphoric and arrived at work to find my new business cards had come in the mail.

-And a package from my lovely friend Ilene.

Happy Monday sweethearts.
Shawni Marie


  1. ahhhh i LOVEEEEEEEEEEEE the headbands you made! are you going to sell some in your shop too??? omg they are soo pretty, i can't stop looking at them!! hope you get better soon too!! and i still can't stop listening to taylor swift's CD hehe!! :D happy monday friend!!! yay for miscellany monday!!

  2. Sweetie!! I am so sorry to hear that you were sick!!!! I'm glad to hear that you are feeling better though!!!
    Those are some ADORABLE headbands honey!!! You are so crafty!!!!!
    and I saw that tee at Target the other day and I thought of you!!! <3
    You have such a good bf!!! He is such a sweetie!!
    P.S. TheraFlu = ucky!
    I LLOOOOOOOOve you!!!
    Have a wonderful day,

  3. Oh Em Gee, your business cards are so magical! & I LOVE your headbands! You are too cute & this Andy person sounds awesome! Dick gave my pillow to the dog for his doggy bead. lol! I forgive him, Hunter needs pillows too. ;) I hope you feel 110% better my love!

  4. Helloooo, I was just introduced to your blog. Awesome headbands! I love the bows. Andy sounds like SUCH a sweetie and those cards are rad!

  5. I adore those headbands! Too too too cute!

  6. May I please get a hand band from you? Pretty please? Cherry on top? How about a margarita on top?

  7. Your headbands are so so so cute! And I hope you're feeling better!

  8. I LOVE the headbands, Shawni! I'm getting into bows right now, maybe I need a Shawni original! :D
    Your business cards look great, too.
    I'll be emailing you sometime soon (this week). I'm excited about your shop opening & our collaboration! :D :D :D

  9. Such pretty things, my dear! And is it weird if I LOVE TheraFlu?

  10. cute headbands, girl!!! :) hope you put those in your shop - love the big bow!

    and yay for you getting your package. so glad!

  11. Love your Taylor shirt!! & adorable headbands! :)

  12. Ack, I thought I had already commented on this post!! Sounds like you really turned a horribly crappy day into a fantastic one :) :) Sometimes I think sick days are the best!! As soon as you feel better, it's so easy to be productive.

    Is Andy the new love you were talking about recently?

  13. What a bummer that you were sick all weekend! I'm glad Andy was able to take care of you, he sounds so sweet! :) And all of your headbands look so lovely. And so do your business cards! Ahh! I'm so excited & happy for you!! :) Love love love!