May 5, 2011

playing favorites...

I often like to share my beauty secrets here and I have new new favorites that I just can't keep to myself...Because I have been working out like crazy,
I have been spending a lot more time taking care of my skin.
The sauna has become my new best friend. I am addicted.
Because my body is feeling so delightful, I have been able to do away with makeup.
This is crazy, because I probably own the world's biggest collection of makeup, but it's true.
Sort of. I have two little secrets that I use everyday...


These two products are saving my life. 
I just sweep on a little primer, and then finish with some blush.
It's awesome!
Let me know if you try  it out! 
You totally should ♥
Shawni Marie


  1. so pretty! i need to try that blush :-)

  2. I love that the primer has spf 20-- thanks for the tip!

  3. U look gorgeous and im totally going to try that primer, looks wonderful!

  4. you are BEAUTIFUL sweetie!! i def am always on the look out for more makeup!

  5. You look great! I love that primer & have been hearing such great things about the Tarte blush. May have to swing by Sephora tonight. ;)

  6. that two faced tiny just Looks luxurious

    these look like the only two products i would need when i got to hawaii next week!