May 4, 2011

texas was you...

 I am admittedly a meat and potatoes kind of girl.
Last week I had the pleasure of dining at Iron Steaks!
It's a local little restaurant in my neighborhood, and they specialize in hand cut steaks!
Another huge plus, there is no corkage fee!
I shared a porterhouse cut with my mom and we had it crusted in blue cheese. 
it was so yummy.
I also had TWO Serrano pepper lemon martinis.
So delicious.
I love a good cocktail ♥
Oh and they served FRIED bread to start...
I mean, heaven in my meowth.
Happy Wednesday loves!!

Shawni Marie


  1. OMG that food looks deeeeeelicious!!!!

  2. i need all of that in my belly. looks delicious.

  3. oh, that looks like such great comfort food!

  4. That martini sounds beyond amazing! Must prowl for a recipe soon! :)