December 21, 2011

long live

some days i feel a little trapped...
by what i want, and what others want from me
it's so easy for me to get stuck inside my own head.

the refreshing note, is to know that EVERYONE feels this way,
at some point in their lives.

i dream of hopping in the car, and hitting the road
turning up the radio, and just drowning out the world
i used to love to go to the movies alone, just leave my cares outside of the theater

nowadays, i am almost AFRAID to be alone
i don't know when this happened...
but i don't want to let it happen anymore.
i used to use this space for ME.
for my thoughts, hopes, cares, and dreams...
but after a while, i ran out of things to say
in a way, i become a little boring...
in a another way, i became exciting in my own little world

but i don't want to forget about ME anymore...
i am sure somewhere out there, someone can relate...



  1. Great post, so personal!
    YES, I sooo agree... I don't know if it's age or responsibilities or not exactly doing the things we always dreamed of... But that feeling of "who am i now? where am i going? is it right? is it what i want or what i feel i should do" is very scary...

    I wish I knew how to figure it all out. If you find the answer, please let me know!

  2. you're the sweetest, i really miss your posts and would love to hear more about what you've been up to lately... i think we all get restless, and we all have times when we're feeling a little stagnant- but the new year is coming! time for a fresh start :-)