December 22, 2011

don't forget to remember me...

i can't believe it's almost Christmas...
this year has just flown by, hasn't it?
i am grateful for each moment...
but more grateful for a new fresh start

your life can be anything you want it to be, you just have to remember that
oh the world will throw us curve balls, and we may not be ready... 
but it's the grace that we handle those balls with, that make us the women we will be tomorrow.

i believe in a higher power
a God who created me with a purpose in mind
my ONE goal next year, is to discover what that purpose is,
how to serve Him and my community by finding my PURPOSE

i am thankful for another great year...
but even more thankful i have another one to follow...



  1. please feel free to continue using country music songs as your post titles, i LOVE it! :-)

  2. i love how you express yourself so beautifully! <3 I sooo can't believe we are into the new year! I love fresh starts.