January 3, 2012

new years, new cheers

it's a new year. 
a fresh start.
i have always been big on them. not on resolutions, really...
just the whole idea of a "fresh start"
you can do anything you want to, last year is wiped clean.
last year i let a lot of time pass me by.
i was busy, but i wasn't really doing much.
i lived my life just fine, and i am grateful for that time... 
but somewhere along the way i became lazy...
i became too tired to do things that used to make me happy.
crafting, blogging, reading, and writing took a back seat.
i have no regrets of course...
i had a wonderful year.
one in which i fell in love with the most amazing man.
one in which i tested my personal strength more than i ever thought i would.
but i want MORE this year.

and i think that's okay.
i am actually pretty certain it is.
i remember 2009, and how hard i pushed myself to make all my dreams come true.
at the end of the year, i felt SO proud.
i remember 2010 and how i felt looking back, and how it motivated me to keep pushing.
2011 was a good year, but i want more for 2012.
i want to set NEW goals to push myself further...

cook, read, write, love, share.
those are the things i want MOST this year.
of course, there are little goals attached to each category, but i want to take it slow.
i don't want to let myself down this year.
in a way, i feel like i did last year.

January's Goals

-Art Journal again. My lovely friend Viv introduced me to art journaling, and I miss how inspired it made me feel. i look forward to writing my thoughts down in a creative way again...
-Read my fancy cookbooks. Each year my mom buys me at LEAST 4 fancy new cookbooks... and i leaf through them, but i never take the time to READ what other chefs have to say. i want to.
-Drink Less. Truth be told, i love my wine. it's so delicious. but i realized sometime last year, that it made me a little lazier. and the couch became my friend. along with criminal minds and popcorn. i want to get OFF the couch, and start living my life again.

i have more for the following months, SO many more...
but i want to take it slow, i don't want to bite off more than i can chew

this blog has really blessed my life. 
i know i stayed away a lot last year, 
but the comments and emails i have received from readers 
have given me something i couldn't have asked for...
THANK YOU to everyone out there who bothers to read this.
i love you, and i look forward to sharing 2012 with all of you <3

love love love-
shawni marie


  1. Perfectly put! Can't wait to follow along. : )

  2. Sounds like I need to follow suit:) Great Goals and Happy new Year!

  3. I'm with you on goals, NOT resolutions <3


  4. Shawni, I'm glad you are blogging again. I missed reading your posts! This is so awesome! I want to split my mini goals up by months too and make them attainable!
    Happy New Year girl!

  5. that's exactly what I did for this year--setting goals. I can't wait to see what 2012 brings us both! Happy New Year!! xoxo

  6. hehe hey, being friends with the couch & Criminal Minds is totally fine every once in a while! ;) Good luck with all of your goals, you will totally do 'em! :)