December 29, 2012

Allow me to introduce myself; name name is... ckah

Seasons greetings and happy new year!!!!

I'm ecstatic that the time has finally presented itself appropriate; so without further ado ... , Hiya, my name is Ckah (pronounced "see"-ka), it's a pleasure to meet you!!! If you can even say meet in this instance, I don't care, all I know is that I truly am ... And I'm happy to be here. I happy that my best friend has let me become a part of another part of her life... Thanks Shu-Shu :)! I've tried this whole blogging thing a handful of times but I tend to get overwhelmed and give up before I even give it a real ol' college try... This time will be different I can feel it.. Plus having the moral support, her positive attitude, and her beautiful outlook on everything; she's gonna be the jelly to my almond butter...

So ShuShu wanted me to talk a little bit about myself... Like I said before my name Ckah; I'm awkwardly quirky; my favorite color is gold; I'm addicted to chex mix/ any chip product / and go girls. I'm working through all three at the moment. I'm a Little on edge... I might snap at you. But I'll apologize after and probably make you "I'm sorry cookies". I look at the ground when I walk, I'm not ashamed; if It's bright outside, most likely I have lost or have broken my sunglasses; I am a serious hazard to myself with walking, it's usually pretty un-entertaining but fall brings fallen leaves (which are another one of my favorite things; if I don't have to rake them; that's bk's job) which most likely means me falling on my rear or tripping forward once a month usually; if any one's around luckily to see it; Man is it a sight; free entertainment. You're welcome passersby. Love, the girl on the ground... I'm knock knee-d, pigeon toed, slightly far sighted (thanks to a LASIK procedure too young; the good news my vision is so much better than it used to be) I love advertising, commercials, could sleep all day, wish I was best friends with Billy Joel, Elton John, and Phil Collins... My imaginary friend as a child was Micheal Jackson; honest...ask my mom!
Now that I painted you that pretty picture, let me add a couple more layers... I talk way to fast, my freckles are the bane of my existence. I'm a professional hairstylist. I love all things homemade/vintage. I shop thrift stores first. I'm a nail biter, sad but true... My lady loafers complete my outfit 87 percent of the the time. I ramble, have horrible grammar, and never check my voicemail. Sorry grandma. I bruise easier than a barrel of peaches. I know I'm an ad normally shade of pale and anemic. I like being see through. I'm a twenty something that lives with my boyfriend in a super small one bedroom apartment in midtown. Hopefully that gives you a little peek of who I am. I am brutally honest with everyone but myself. That's me. Welcome to long live my new digital home. Please have a seat.... Can I offer you a go girl? Or some tea? How bout some chex mix, please take it... I've had a enough,

House warming parties usually encourage gifts for the happy new house owners to get some things that they now can't afford or didn't know they wanted...and wine! There must Always be wine. . Never forget the wine to a house warming. ;) anyways back on subject I figured since this is sort of on the same lines as a house warming blog style... I think everyone should shower me with gifts ;)... I'm totally kidding. Please don't send me anything I'd actually like to do the gifting. I thought it would be awesome if I could do a little gift for letting me co-create this amazing new space on long live.

Here's the details: You can win a set of letters; or a state of your choice with or without heart in city of choice; both pictured below; You can pick the the background color(s) or pattern for each of the letters, and choose string color; making the decor choices to go with your aesthetic or roll the dice and just leave it to me (insert evil cackle here) please allow 2-3 weeks for production/ delivery
Entries stop being accepted after the 15th of January

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