December 29, 2012

Cha-cha-chaaaa-changing for the better


So every year everyone makes resolutions, right?? And everyone attempts to keep them up throughout the year right? I can honestly say (there's putting one to good use already! I have a good feeling about this year...) that I am a bold face liar when it comes to my resolutions usually. I make three typical ones and then fail to have them adhere to my lifestyle and then by the end of January the said resolutions are just past hopes and crushed dreams. I know, hash tag that with a whomp whomp. But not this year. I'm getting too old to be a lazy-unhealthy-unmotivated-frumpy-negative-broke as a joke-good for nothing-procrastinator... There I said it, so it has to be true; and I have to do as much as I can to change me for the betterment of myself... Don't get me wrong, I like me, but I know I would like me a whole bunch more if I changed somethings I don't like about me. So here goes the list; It's a doozy; so much of a doozy there's sections with different types of resolutions (but that could be just because I love lists/organization a little too much); none the less you've been warned;

Physical Health
1. Quit smoking: ya, ya, I know. Moving on
2. Exercise more: realistic goals. Weekly goals. None of this lose 40 lbs. hogwash. More like 10-15 (fingers crossed)
3. Drink more water. I wanted to cut out soda all together but I know myself too well
4. No more daily trips to cvs for energy drinks; tea and coffee work just as well
5. Less fast food
6. Cook more meals at home
7. Meal plan more Efficiently

Mental health
8. Smile: that's it. I'm not a smile-er; I don't like my teeth?! Or I just don't like to, either way it puts off the wrong first impression for numerous people. Not my intention and I'm tired of being "unapproachable"
9. Read more: a book a month (post to follow)
10. Being happy: I am a very good at worrying/stressing about pointless things or things I can't control. I gotta just focus on being happy more not letting things get stuck in my mind that don't matter or are out of my control. I have a feeling this is gonna be a rough one and might have to be for a couple years to finally seep in
11. Communicate better / more frequently: growing up basically an only child I developed social anxiety / the awkward personality that some just can't quite figure out. I was a product of my surroundings, and I was surrounded by Link, Mega Man, Sonic the hedgehog, and Lego's. Not too many friends (I had one; he was 2 years older than me) / neighbors (we lived on a single lane street, not a neighborhood; which dwellers were few and far between and old, like 75 when I was 4-7 old)/ siblings (they were out of the house by then) so I tend to be quite quiet most of the time. I need to make an effort to work on this
12. more Music: music was/is/will continue to be a very important part of my life. I need to listen to iTunes more when they recommend things to me... As long as its not dubstep. I like real music, like from instruments (sorry to offend, not intended, just my preference)
13. Realize life is life, not a motion picture: no one else thinks like me, no one else expects what I do, I tend to exaggerate in my head and be a teensy bit over dramatic at times. I just need to let life be ... real life
14. Create more/ paint more/ craft more/ DIY more/
15. Get off the couch- do more things
16. Wake up earlier- this will hopefully make me do more, exercise, eat better, get ready more
17. Be a better more involved friend/ family member - 'nuff said
18. Reconnect with friends/family I've lost touch with - there's a whole bunch
19.Stop second guessing myself- pretty self explanatory
20. Be more confident
21. Compliment freely
22. Be more appreciative

Self help ( I didn't know what to call all the random ones )
23. Try a new food once a month (posts to follow)
24. Lipstick challenge - wear it everyday
25. Get ready more- I'm the laziest hairstylist that I know
26. Skin care regiment- work on it
27. Being more positive about everything
28. Learn to walk in heels
29. Take more pictures- make more memories- learn to use my Holga better (post to follow)

Financial goals
30. Save money
31. Live within my means
32. Pay off credit cards (again)
33. Don't spend the keep change savings that transfers over into savings from checking
34. Stop shopping frivolously
35. Accessorize smarter / better / more ( will hopefully help with the less shopping resolution )

So these are just of the few the ways I wanna improve myself in the next twelve months... What are your resolutions?  Do you have any advice and or ideas to help me keep mine thriving and alive?

I hope you have a fantastic and glorious new year filled with love and wishes and new years kisses

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