January 7, 2013

lets get physical...pyshical

"so this is the new year
I don't feel any different"
I love death cab for cutie and annually around December 20th this song is put back on my phone and playlists. However this year for some reason I didn't. This year is also the year that I am still working on my resolutions. 
I know what you're thinking 
"oh ya?! seven days into the new year and you haven't given up?! great work!" 
finished with a sarcastic sneer and a exuberant thumbs up...

YES IT IS only seven days into the new year; and for the first time in history of making resolutions I'm not pretending that I will get to them later, I am not taking them on "slowly" with the intent to pick up speed as the year progresses. 
So its kinda funny to me that I didn't foreshadow my demise with a song that I love before the start of the year. Instead I have tried, succeeded, and hopefully will continue to do so with many of my resolutions. One of my resolutions for this year from my resolution post was to lose weight. Pretty much the second most important one on the health subsection. I know that I am unhealthy; I'm "skinny fat" Ive know that for a while; frankly its quite embarrassing to know something and to consciously make no effort to do anything about it when its so easy. Seeing myself before this week makes me feel like a waste of humanity. (wow this is getting deep and depressing real fast) lets go ahead and turn this post around shall we. 
So luckily for me Bk wanted to get more physically fit this year too! I knew that would help me just not to have someone to jog with but have someone not let me say no.... but we've been through this whole thing before and as much as I love and respect him as a person, partner, and impression on me, i need more. not more in the idea of $30-$50 for a gym membership a month, that would just be counter productive for other resolutions that are money saving goals. because honestly, I have tried that approach too... and yet again I eventually end up back on the couch complaining about my increasing middle section (stomach fat). So luckily this year my personal planner (Bk) was on the best website to waste hours of your time and found a thread that lead him to different resolutions and ways to keep up with them.... low and behold he finds a running thread that in turn leads him to a running app...huzzah! an app? of course there is an app for everything. after doing our research and finding an app that was on the app store (me) and android marketplace (bk) we made the small purchase of $2.99 ($1.99 on android) and including tax it comes to roughly $4 ... that is way better than paying for a gym membership monthly (for me)
so the app it self is pretty self explanatory. its called c25k (<-- link to i-tunes store) its great. I'm not really trying to run a 5k right now, I might be into it some other time, but for right now all I wanna do is run, get some exercise and work on my health. granted its only three times a week; and it is a slow and steady increase over seven weeks... I don't want to unrealistically say, "okay run 4 miles a day, set, go!" I know that will not work for me.. slow and steady is supposed to win the race right? so yes I highly recommend this app... you can pick the trainer, you can set your own playlist. there is a gps map part so you can see how long you were walking, jogging, and your distance. so nice.. and I personally like the fact that she tells me when to walk and when to jog and i can just go... I don't have to check anything and then when its over you get to cool down. 

I've done the first two days of the first week... and i am excited every time we get going,Ii don't dread it, I don't hate it during, and i'm not mad or (too)sore after, all things that help me keep with it. so all in all a solid two thumbs up from me.

and i know i am doing something that is making my mental and physical self happy because after the first day of doing the jog I had a dream that i couldn't stop drinking orange juice.. just cut scene, after cut scene (about seven) of me drinking orange juice... weird; yes I know, I don't drink it frequently, and i also tend to forget my dreams before i wake up.... but I didn't, so I went online and checked what its interpretation was :
its gotta means I'm doing something right, right?
sure hope so...

so if your in the market to loose some lbs. (here's hoping) and get some exercise and are not looking to get involved in any membership fees, or contracts, try it out. 

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