January 3, 2013

Lipstick challenge 2013

So I am trying my hardest to keep up with the numerous resolutions that i have put into action yesterday. And a couple the majority of them are in the realm of helping myself be the best that I can be, personally and professionally...
So I figured that one one the easiest ones would be to wear lipstick everyday. I decided to make it a challenge; that way it would be kind of fun, at least I'm hoping it'll be fun. At least every couple months I get to go shopping for a new one, so at least there's that to look forward to...

I only wear lipstick for special occasions usually.. Christmas parties at work; or weddings. Any other time I just feel like a four year o.d that got into her Grandma's purse found the lipstick and proceeded to go town using the lipstick as face paint... I just end up feeling ridiculous and removing it as soon as its applied. Im gonna stick to my guns and put it on everyday/ if I don't feel appropriate with the collection I have (it's a diverse but not well thought out collection, by any means) I will put on lipgloss, but that's not going to be allowed more than once a week.

My collection of lipsticks as I have stated above are a red, an orange red, 3 very bright pinks (from a fashion show I did last year), 2 dark plummy purples (from said fashion show/ and work Christmas party this past December (it was 1920's themed)) and a light mauvey pink from a wedding last year... Slim pickings I know. But I gotta make it work. I also have a couple lip pencils, red, purple, and pink... I have two glosses, a red from smash box, and dandelion from benefit... So let's get to it, lipstick a day for a year in 2013!

So day one.. I decided to start outside of my comfort zone. I would normally just go to Russian red by Mac, duh... I'm pale... red works in me... Luckily... But I wanted to be adventurous and exciting.

So I lined with cover girl: lip perfection: 220 sophisticated; then i traced that line with Mac: rebel, about half the width of each of my lips. Then I filled the middle in with Mac: Russian red I mean I have to have a little bit of a safety blanket. ;). Well I can say that I love it. Matte lips make it feel a little less "trying to hard" to me. So the Russian red (matte) mixed with rebel (satin) is nice beginning compromise for a non lipstick wearer like myself...now I'm just worried about retouching throughout the day, and seeing myself in the mirror wi colored lips, eep!!!!

So here goes nothing. Lipstick a challenge in itself. If any of ya would like to take this challenge with me it would be awesome to have some support! And any tips/ recommendations for colors for me to look into would be appreciated greatly!!! Other than that I hope you are all having a great start to 2013 !

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